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Can land tortoises eat carrots?

Can land tortoises eat carrots?

Use leafy greens such as spinach and cabbage along with peas, green beans, carrots, sweet potatoes and bell peppers. Most hard vegetables are acceptable as tortoises like the crunch factor as they chew.

Can tortoises eat raw carrots?

Tortoises can eat raw carrots roots and tops. However, tortoises should have carrots tops sparingly due to high levels of protein, and potassium. Additionally, carrot tops have oxalic acid that can interfere with calcium absorption and cause kidney and bladder stones if carrot tops are fed excessively.

What can I feed a wild tortoise?

These should all be offered fresh daily. Fruit: Berries, melon, kiwi, oranges and other fruits should make up 5-10% of a tortoise’s diet. Offer your tortoise fruit every third or fourth feeding. Other: Tortoises also like Timothy and alfalfa hay and commercial tortoise food, which can be offered at all times.

Will turtles eat carrots?

Shredded carrots, squash, and zucchini are great foods that turtles can eat, too. You can also go with edible aquatic vegetation such as water lettuce, water hyacinth, and duckweed. “For fruits, consider shredded apples and melons, as well as chopped berries,” recommends Dr. Starkey.

What veggies can tortoises eat?

Offer your tortoise a variety of vegetables (up to 10% of the daily rations). Try cabbage, Napa cabbage, carrots, Brussels sprout, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, green beans, yellow wax beans, radish and red/green/yellow bell peppers.

Do tortoises like carrot tops?

Carrot tops contain a high percentage of oxalic acid, potassium and are rich in protein, so should be fed sparingly, if at all. Some people are said to use raw grated carrot occasionally as a natural wormer, but there is no evidence that this is an effective method of worming your tortoise.

What veg can tortoises eat?

What vegetables are good for tortoises?

Do wild turtles like carrots?

Yes! Carrots are an excellent vegetable for turtles! If you are feeding a wild turtle or a pet turtle, you should grate the carrots into bite-size pieces so they can eat them. Be careful not to feed too many carrots to a wild turtle though.

Can a tortoise eat both carrots and roots?

Sulcata tortoises can eat both carrot roots and tops. However, sulcata tortoises should eat carrot tops sparingly since they have a high oxalic acid that inhibits the absorption of calcium in high levels and can cause kidney and bladder stones. Sulcata tortoises diet should have a high fiber content.

What kind of Greens do Indian star tortoise eat?

Mediterranean tortoises: dandelions, plantains, chickweed, sow thistles and leafy greens. Indian star tortoise: Bermuda grass, rye, fescue, collard greens, carrots, zucchini, bell peppers and turnip greens.

What kind of food can a pet tortoise eat?

Here are some of the most popular pet tortoise species and the foods they eat: Russian tortoise: dark leafy greens (e.g. carrot tops, romaine lettuce, kale, collard greens and mustard greens), carrots, bell peppers, grasses and hay. Mediterranean tortoises: dandelions, plantains, chickweed, sow thistles and leafy greens.

How often do you use carrots as a treat?

I use carrots as a treat about once a week. I shred up carrots about 2 x month for the herd of RF’s and Cherry’s….Carrots belong to the Umbelliferae family, named after the umbrella-like flower clusters that plants in this family produce. As such, carrots are related to parsnips, fennel, parsley, anise, caraway, cumin and dill.