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Can you join cadets at 10?

Can you join cadets at 10?

You can join Junior Sea Cadets at 10, Sea Cadets at 12.

What do marine cadets do?

Royal Marines Cadets are part of the Sea Cadets, a United Kingdom uniformed youth organization. They take part in all the waterborne activities, as well as branching off into adventure training and military skills too. Royal Marines Cadets specialise in activities such as orienteering, fieldraft, and weapon handling.

Do army cadets go to war?

It is a separate organisation from the Combined Cadet Force which provides similar training within principally independent schools. Some cadets do, however, go on to enlist in the armed forces later in life, and many of the organisation’s leaders have been cadets or have a military background.

How old do you need to be to join cadets?

The cadet experience is open to everyone, so whatever your nationality, background or ability, whether you’re male or female, if you’re between 13 (or 12 if in Year 8) and 17 years old you can join us. If you are under this age range but you would still like to contact us please feel free to use the Under 16 Form.

What types of cadets are there?


  • Sea Cadets.
  • The Volunteer Cadet Corps.
  • The Army Cadet Force.
  • The Air Training Corps.
  • The Combined Cadet Force.
  • Adult volunteers with the cadet forces.
  • Cadet Expansion Programme.
  • CyberFirst.

Was Rihanna an Army Cadet?

Rihanna was an army cadet in a sub-military programme, where the later Barbadian singer-songwriter Shontelle was her drill sergeant. Although she initially wanted to graduate from high school, she chose to pursue a musical career instead.

How do I leave cadets?

Ways to request leave from cadets

  1. Email from parent/guardian. An email from the cadet’s parent/guardian can be sent to the unit.
  2. Phone call. In outstanding circumstances, the cadet’s parent/guardian may call the unit phone number to verbally request for leave.
  3. Leave Form.

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