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Can you spare the gray Prince?

Can you spare the gray Prince?

After the quest the Gray Prince will stand and die, instead of fighting, during the challenge in the Arena. He must be killed to leave the Arena, this counts as a murder, but not a crime. No bounty is placed on the Hero, nor are the Gray Prince’s items considered stolen.

Can you bet on yourself oblivion Arena?

To bet on an arena match talk to Hundolin, who can be found in front of the Arena every day from 9am to 9pm. He will allow you to place a bet of either 25, 50, or 100 gold on either the Blue Team or the Yellow Team….Betting[edit]

Player Luck Health Modifier
101+ 0*

Can you spare Agronak oblivion?

agronak’s death only count as murder if you finish the “gray prince’s origin” quest, at which point agronak will not attack you on arena. so if you just abandon that quest, you can do arena quest line without worrying of dark brotherhood.

How do you get Shimmerstrike in Oblivion?


  1. PC 360 PS3 This weapon can be obtained by using the Skull of Corruption on the Wood Elf and killing the clone.
  2. If using the Skull of Corruption glitch to gain the dagger, a glitch may occur when loading a saved character who has the sword on their person.

Is Agronak a vampire?

Agronak gro-Malog, also known as the Gray Prince, was a pale-skinned orc of noble birth that was born from the love of the Imperial nobleman Lord Lovidicus and his Orc mistress named Luktuv gro-Malog. In reality, Lord Lovidicus was a vampire of the a Cyrodilic strain, and thus could hide his vampirism from his lover.

Can you spare Agronak?

Who killed Lucien Lachance?

the Black Hand
By the time Lachance had stopped his Silencer, Ungolim, the Listener of the Dark Brotherhood, had already been slain. Lachance went into hiding while his Silencer attempted to clear his name, but the remaining members of the Black Hand tracked him down to an abandoned farmstead at Applewatch and murdered him.

What are the rules for the Arena in Oblivion?

The Grand Champion is not bound by the time. You can’t bet and fight at the same time. Speak with Hundolin to resolve any unfinished bets. The rules of the arena are “anything goes”. You can use any weapon or cast any spell in your matches, and may freely use potions, poisons, scrolls, or sneak attacks.

How many fame points do you get for defeating the Gray Prince?

The gold is calculated for each creature you fight, so the maximum reward that can ever be obtained is 4,470 gold. Beyond the gold, you will gain 31 fame points for completing the entire Arena quest. You get 10 fame points for defeating The Gray Prince alone. You must wear your Heavy or Light Raiment issued to you by Owyn.

Is there a bug in Oblivion Arena patch?

This bug is fixed by the Unofficial Oblivion Patch. If you complete the quest Origin of the Gray Prince and inform Agronak of his “bloodline”, he will become nearly suicidal and simply stand still during the match, allowing you to attack him with no retaliation. This is considered murder and is one way to enter the Dark Brotherhood.

Where is the Arena in the Elder Scrolls?

The Arena is located in the east district of the Imperial City, where people of Cyrodiil attend to watch brave warriors fight to the death for fame and gold. This faction was established by the first Blademaster, Gaiden Shinji, of the Order of Diagna.