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Did Mick Belker get married?

Did Mick Belker get married?

Originally a loner, Belker had multiple unsuccessful short-term relationships with women until he met and eventually married Officer Robin Tataglia. In season 6, Mick and Robin welcomed a son, whom they named Philip after Sergeant Esterhaus.

Why does Davenport call furillo man?

Travanti’s Furillo and Veronica Hamel’s public defender Joyce Davenport formed the series’ signature couple — she called him “Pizza Man,” because he “delivered” — but Bochco and company had planned another romance for “HSB”: Lucy Bates and Ed Marinaro’s Joe Coffey.

Why did they cancel Hill Street Blues?

Jeffrey Lewis, co-executive producer of the show (with David Milch), said Monday that the show’s ending was as much the result of the desire of some producers, writers and cast members to move on to new projects as its slide in the ratings, which may have been influenced by the show’s move to a time slot opposite the …

What happened to Renko on Hill Street Blues?

In fact, Renko was meant to die in the premiere – he and partner Bobby Hill (Michael Warren) gunned down when they stumbled into a drug buy.

Do Furillo and Davenport get divorced?

Marital Status: Divorced. Known Relatives: Joyce Davenport (wife), Fay Furillo (ex-wife), Frank Jr. Furillo (son).

Who played Frank Furillo on Hill Street Blues?

Daniel J. TravantiHill Street Blues
Frank Furillo/Played by
Daniel J. Travanti (born Danielo Giovanni Travanti; March 7, 1940) is an American actor. He is best known for playing police captain Frank Furillo in the television drama series Hill Street Blues (1981–1987) for which he received a Golden Globe Award and two consecutive Primetime Emmy Awards from many nominations.

What age is Veronica Hamel?

78 years (November 20, 1943)
Veronica Hamel/Age

Who is Veronica Hamel married to?

Michael Irvingm. 1971–1981
Veronica Hamel/Spouse

What happened on the last episode of Hill Street Blues?

May 12, 1987
Hill Street Blues/Final episode date

What was Michael Conrad’s last episode of Hill Street Blues?

Let’s be careful out there
Michael Conrad (October 16, 1925 – November 22, 1983) was an American actor perhaps best known for his portrayal of veteran cop Sgt. Phil Esterhaus on Hill Street Blues, in which he ended the introductory roll call to each week’s show with “Let’s be careful out there”.

Who played Belkers girlfriend?

Officer Robin Tataglia Lisa played one of six new recruits joining the Hill, during the third season (she is the only one that lasts). Amazingly she becomes Mick Belker’s girlfriend and accompanies him on visits to his incapacitated father.

Who played Lee Mullens?

Lee Mullens, also known as “The Butcher”, is the main antagonist of the Criminal Minds episode “Remembrance of Things Past”. He is an elderly serial killer who preys on young, blonde women with the assistance of his son, whom he has raised to be his accomplice. He was portrayed by Daniel J. Travanti.

Who was the original cast of Hill Street Blues?

Mark Frost (1 episode, 1985) Edwin Sherin (1 episode, 1986) Michael Switzer (1 episode, 1986) Ken Lavet (1 episode, 1987) Series Writing Credits

Who was the detective in Hill Street Blues?

Taurean Blacque. Although best known for his role as “Detective Sgt. Neal Washington” on the long-running and critically acclaimed police drama Hill Street Blues (1981), Taurean Blacque remains one of the best stage actors performing today.

Who is Harry Garibaldi in Hill Street Blues?

Harry Garibaldi ( Ken Olin) was introduced at the end of the season as a temporary replacement for Det. J.D. LaRue ( Kiel Martin) who was supposedly suffering from mononucleosis. The show won its fourth and final Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series this season.

Who is the captain in Hill Street Blues?

Captain Francis Xavier “Frank” Furillo (Daniel J. Travanti, 1981–87) Furillo is in charge of the Hill Street Precinct and the focus of most episodes. He is honest, capable, and goes “by the book,” though some of his colleagues find him a bit superior in attitude.