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Has 2020 Placement been released?

Has 2020 Placement been released?

In a report sighted by our team, which was purported to have been made by the Director-General of Ghana Education Service, Prof Kwesi Opoku – Amankwa, BECE 2020 Placement will be released on Sunday 21st February 2021.

Has the 2021 SHS placement been released?

In total, about 525,000 graduates who qualified will seek placement into 721 SHS, technical and vocational schools of their choices which have declared about 535,000 vacancies.

Is the placement checker out?

School Placement Checker Cards Now Available At All Ghana Post Branches. Ghana Post has announced to the general public that the school placement checker cards used for checking SHS placements are now available at the various Ghana Post offices across the country.

Is Bece 2020 School Placement out?

“We can assure parents, candidates and members of the general public that the 2020 BECE school placement will be released on Sunday, February 28, 2021,” the GES official told the host of UTV Mpu ne Mpu show, Yaa Konama.

Can you change self placement?

8. Can I change a school I selected through self-placement? Answer: YES. A candidate who got placed in a school through self-placement can change school on the portal once the candidate has not enrolled in a school.

How do I Bece my school placement?

How to Print BECE SHS School Placement On Phone Online

  1. Then buy the placement checker by selecting buy voucher option on the CSSPS to buy the Placement Checker card through MTN Mobile Money at a cost of 5GHC.
  2. After buying the CSSPS SHS placement Checker, click the check Placement Option on the CSSPS portal.

Is the school placement out 2020?

Now, a new report sighted revealed that the 2020 BECE students’ placement is scheduled to be released on Sunday 21st February 2021, between the hour of 11:30 pm and 12 midnight. If this turns to be true, then the BECE 2020 Students can begin to check their school placement from the said date and time.

Will there be Bece in 2023?

It has also recommended that the 2021 Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) should take place in November. In 2023, WASSCE will then come back to our normal date which is May/June and then BECE will follow suit,” he said.

Is the BECE placement checkers available for 2020?

Please note that the Placement Checkers is not available because school placement has not been released yet.. Kindly call 0548938716 for inquiries or continue reading to find out how to check the school placement by yourself. BECE candidates who wrote their exams in the last year, 2020, are still waiting for placements to come out.

Why was the 2020 SHS, BECE placement delayed?

The first and most obvious reason why the BECE Placements in SHS have not been released is because the BECE itself was written very late. Covid-19 prevented the BECE from been written as scheduled. The 2020 BECE was written from 14th to 18th September 2020.

How to check your SHS school placement 2020?

You will receive the SERIAL and PIN to check your SHS School Placement 2020 once the payment is confirmed. It takes about 5 – 10 minutes to send the card after payment. Kindly send a WhatsApp message for further instructions or clarifications. If you have completed your BECE, the next step is to check your SHS School Placement.

How to check your SHS, BECE placement fast?

If you have completed your BECE, the next step is to check your SHS School Placement. Here is how to check your SHS School Placement very fast: Present it at your given Senior High School.