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How did Charles Baudelaire influence TS Eliot?

How did Charles Baudelaire influence TS Eliot?

Therefore, as a symbolist poet, Charles Baudelaire influenced T.S. Eliot focused on the brokenness and falseness of modern experience and he found symbolism close to his era, therefore he took some essential parts as an inspiration. For this reason, the influence of symbolism on Modernist literature cannot be ignored.

Was TS Eliot influenced by Dryden?

Although he certainly does not depreciate the poetry, Eliot considers Dryden more important for his influence, particularly on the language, than for his poetry itself. Dryden’s influence, in Eliot’s view, has been enormous: Dryden felt that the English were without proper speech and so he gave it to them.

Who was TS Eliot’s mentor?

Ezra Pound
Ezra Pound was T. S. Eliot’s chief mentor. Pound helped Eliot in editing and publishing his poems.

What was the themes first evident in the writer Charles Baudelaire?

In 1845, he published his first work. Baudelaire gained notoriety for his 1857 volume of poems, Les Fleurs du mal (The Flowers of Evil). His themes of sex, death, lesbianism, metamorphosis, depression, urban corruption, lost innocence and alcohol not only gained him loyal followers, but also garnered controversy.

What three things did Dryden contribute to the British literature?

Dryden was the dominant literary figure and influence of his age. He established the heroic couplet as a standard form of English poetry by writing successful satires, religious pieces, fables, epigrams, compliments, prologues, and plays with it; he also introduced the alexandrine and triplet into the form.

What are the three new elements brought into literature by Dryden?

These are: (1) the establishment of the heroic couplet as the fashion for satiric, didactic, and descriptive poetry; (2) his development of a direct, serviceable prose style such as we still cultivate; and (3) his development of the art of literary criticism in his essays and in the numerous prefaces to his poems.

Who influenced TS Eliot’s works?

From Smith Academy in St. Louis he went to Milton, in Massachusetts; from Milton he entered Harvard in 1906; he received a B.A. in 1909, after three instead of the usual four years. The men who influenced him at Harvard were George Santayana, the philosopher and poet, and the critic Irving Babbitt.

Who influenced Baudelaire collection Les Fleurs du mal?

Baudelaire is one of the major innovators in French literature. His poetry is influenced by the French romantic poets of the earlier 19th century, although its attention to the formal features of verse connects it more closely to the work of the contemporary “Parnassians”.

What inspired Charles Baudelaire?

Inspired by the example of the Romantic painter Eugène Delacroix, he elaborated in his Salons a wide-ranging theory of modern painting, with painters being urged to celebrate and express the “heroism of modern life.” In January 1847 Baudelaire published a novella entitled La Fanfarlo whose hero, or antihero, Samuel …

Who influenced John Dryden?

His first poem was an elegy published in Lachrymae Musarum (1649), a collection mourning the death of Henry, Lord Hastings. Although his family had Parliamentarian allegiances, Dryden was taught at Westminster by the charismatic Royalist Richard Busby, whose influence is evident in this early elegy.

How did T.S.Eliot influence his contemporaries?

Eliot’s influence on his contemporaries : Eliot’s influence has been complex and varied. He has given impetus to a number of poets to experiment with new forms. Eliot’s successors owe him a special gratitude.

What are the names of T.S.Eliot’s poems?

The culmination of this search as well as of Eliot’s poetic writing is his meditation on time and history, the works known collectively as Four Quartets (1943): Burnt Norton (1941), East Coker (1940), The Dry Salvages (1941), and Little Gidding (1942). Eliot was almost as renowned a literary critic as he was a poet.

What was T.S.Eliot’s message to the reader?

The entire matter of literature’s more unconscious and unintended effects upon a reader’s total sensibilities, including the continuing formation of his or her moral and theological standards, is at the heart of Eliot’s message.

When did T.S.Eliot write the Hollow Men?

The Hollow Men appeared in 1925. For the critic Edmund Wilson, it marked “The nadir of the phase of despair and desolation given such effective expression in The Waste Land.”. It is Eliot’s major poem of the late 1920s. Similar to Eliot’s other works, its themes are overlapping and fragmentary.