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How did the Greek mountains affect communication group of answer choices?

How did the Greek mountains affect communication group of answer choices?

How did the Greek mountains affect communication? found traveling through the mountains difficult. They relied on the sea for travel and trade.

What was one of the effects of the mountains in Greece?

From early times the Greeks lived in independent communities isolated from one another by the landscape. Later these communities were organized into poleis or city-states. The mountains prevented large-scale farming and impelled the Greeks to look beyond their borders to new lands where fertile soil was more abundant.

What effect did the mountains have on ancient Greek societies?

The rocky mountains of Greece also influenced the way agriculture developed. Grains and crops that grow well on hillsides, such as barley, olives, and grapes became staples of the Greek diet. Hillsides are also useful for grazing animals, such as sheep, goats, and cattle.

How did Greek communities communicate with each other?

Like most other societies, the ancient Greeks communicated by speaking. The Greeks were the first Europeans to have an alphabet — one that eventually gave birth to all modern European languages spoken today. There are various theories regarding the origin of ancient Greek language.

How did ancient Greek colonies affect other places text to speech?

How did ancient Greek colonies affect other places? Those locations were chosen for their natural harbors and good farmland. The colonies needed to trade by sea with mainland greece.

How was the Greek religion communicated to the people?

Ancient Greeks could receive messages from the gods though a medium of a priestess or priest at oracles such as Delphi, Asclepius and Dodona. One of the biggest and most widespread ways to communicate indirectly with the gods was to sacrifice a valuable part of the harvest or a healthy animal such as an ox or sheep.

Why did Greek communities sometimes fight each other text to speech?

Some Greek settlements fought each other because of the shortage of good land. 1. The ancient Greeks started colonies primarily because they needed more farmland to raise enough crops to feed their people.

Why did some ancient Greek settlements trade text to speech?

1. Some ancient Greek settlements traded to get the goods they needed. 2. Olive oil and pottery from the Greek main- land were traded (exported).