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How did the Spirit Bear impact Cole?

How did the Spirit Bear impact Cole?

The Spirt Bear teaches Cole some valuable lessons about humility and powerlessness when Cole tries to attack it directly. When Cole learns to become invisible, he is part of nature and can interact with the Spirit Bear without fear.

What lesson did Cole learn from the Spirit Bear?

Lesson Summary Through suffering, loneliness, and the power of rituals, he learns how his anger has contributed to his violent behavior. Cole learns to control that anger, and in doing so, he learns how to take responsibility for his actions and care for others.

Why is the Spirit Bear important in Touching Spirit Bear?

The Spirit Bear that lives on the Alaskan island where Cole is sent symbolizes the power, beauty, and danger of the natural world—as well as Cole’s changing relationship to the natural world.

Why does Cole want to attack the Spirit Bear?

Why does Cole attack the Spirit Bear? Cole attacks the bear because he is very hungry, and he knows the meat will provide food for a long time. Cole had vowed to kill it, and he intends to do so when he sees the bear the second time.

What does Cole finally realize at the height of the storm?

Cole realizes that he is small and insignificant in nature, and all alone. Cole is a very angry young man. He blames everyone else for his shortcomings and his mistakes.

What is wrong with Touching Spirit Bear?

All of this having been said, Touching Spirit Bear is fatally flawed by Mikaelsen’s inexcusable playing around with Tlingit culture, cosmology and ritual; and his abysmal lack of understanding of traditional banishment. It is obvious that what he doesn’t know, he invents.

Why does Cole attack the spirit bear in Touching Spirit?

Cole attacks the Spirit Bear because to “attack” those things he fears is what he’s done all of his life. He’s never been afraid of anything before; he’s always been the antagonist rather than the protagonist….. and now the tables are turned.

Why was the bear not afraid of Cole?

After the attack, the bear remains standing over Cole for some time before finally leaving. In his contemplation, Cole cannot understand why the bear was not afraid of him. He was in the situation he was because the bear was too ”stupid” to know to run away. While lying in the rain, Cole notices seagulls fighting over scraps of meat.

How old is Cole Matthews in Touching Spirit Bear?

Everything you need for every book you read. Everything you need for every book you read. Cole is the 15-year-old protagonist of the novel. Cole is unspeakably angry, and to deal with his anger, he takes it out on everyone around him.

What is the theme of Touching Spirit Bear?

The novel traces Cole and his dad’s violent tendencies back to their desire for power, which, in turn, stems from their fears of being alone, unloved, and helpless. Touching Spirit Bear demonstrates that the only way to break this cycle of violence is by acknowledging one’s powerlessness and by learning to trust others.