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How do you roll a pool solar cover?

How do you roll a pool solar cover?

Fold the cover back about 3 feet and, while holding the top end in place with one hand, lift the cover and fold it under itself another 3 feet. Flip the cover over itself another 3 feet. Continue folding the cover in this accordion-style manner until you reach the other end of the pool.

Which side of solar blanket goes up?

Useful Tips for your Solar Blanket Pool Cover The flat side goes up. This allows for fallen debris and dirt to be easily removed when needed and to not catch in between the bubbles. Running the pump and filter system while the cover is on the water is absolutely safe. DO NOT leave the cover on grass or other plants.

Which way do you roll a pool cover?

Always roll the pool cover OVER the roller tube…not under. UNDER means you are ‘lifting’ the hand wheels to roll up the cover. It is a lot harder to ‘pull’ the hand wheels back to you when you are standing behind the roller to roll in the pool cover.

Do the bubbles go up or down on a solar cover?

These covers generally work in the way the sun rays heating the air trapped within the bubbles. The heat, therefore, is then transferred into the pool water. Thus, this is precisely why the bubbles in the solar pool covers should always face down towards the pool water instead of facing up towards the sky.

How do you cover a kidney shaped pool?

Kidney Shaped Safety Nets, Mesh/Leaf Covers, Winter or Shutdown Covers. These can all be fitted to kidney shaped swimming pools. However, these covers generally need to be made to size and/or fitted by a professional.

How does a kidney shaped pool cover work?

Over time solar covers develop a memory and the cover will float into place by itself, the first few times you might have to help guide it into place. Depending on the shape of your kidney pool you might have to fold one section over before reeling your cover in so it doesn’t catch on the edge of the pool.

Where to place the reel on a kidney shaped pool?

Place your reel at the widest point of the kidney pool. This will allow you to roll up the bulk of the cover without having to run long, varying lengths of strapping from the cover to the tube. This also minimizes the need to fold sections of your cover over.

How do you hang solar cover on reel?

Hang your straps straight down from the reel and attach them by folding the cover and putting the grommets through the fold and strap (pictured below). The smaller section of cover will roll up at the same time as the bulk of the cover and float back into place when you put the cover back on your pool.

Is there a solar cover for a pool?

Pool Basics’ Heat Trapper is an affordable solution for those who don’t want to invest in a solar cover for their pool. Solar energy is harnessed the same as a solar cover. Heat Trapper works by pouring it onto the surface of your swimming pool.