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How do you use heir in a sentence?

How do you use heir in a sentence?

Heir sentence example

  1. Alex was the reluctant heir to an enormous amount of land and money.
  2. To a Medena heir who is wealthy in his own right.
  3. Alex was living proof that an heir was more important to Senor Medena than honor.

How do you use heir apparent in a sentence?

1. The Prince of Wales is the heir apparent to the throne. 2. On his brother’s death he became heir apparent to the title.

Do you capitalize heir?

Today these terms most commonly describe heirs to hereditary titles, particularly monarchies. The phrase is only occasionally found used as a title, where it usually is capitalized (“Heir Apparent”).

How do you use succession in a sentence?

Succession in a Sentence 🔉

  1. When William married the former prostitute, he was removed from the line of succession to the throne.
  2. The prince’s child is third in the line of succession to be king.
  3. During the succession battle to be ruler, two brothers fought against each other.

Which is correct a heir or an heir?

When you’re named in a will or are legally entitled to inherit something, you’re an heir. You can be the heir to someone’s money, business, or title; in a monarchy, the king or queen’s oldest son is usually the heir to the throne.

Who is an heir apparent in one sentence?

noun, plural heirs apparent. an heir whose right is indefeasible, provided he or she survives the ancestor. a person whose succession to a position appears certain: His popularity makes him the chief’s heir apparent.

How do you use heir apparent?

The Heir Apparent is an Exotic heavy machine gun and it has two noteworthy perks. The first is Heavy Slug Thrower. To fire the weapon you first need to hold down the aim button, which causes the barrel to spin. Once it’s fully spun up, you can fire a hail of bullets at the enemy.