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How does ocean water become saltier near the North and South Pole?

How does ocean water become saltier near the North and South Pole?

Thermohaline circulation begins in the Earth’s polar regions. When ocean water in these areas gets very cold, sea ice forms. The surrounding seawater gets saltier, increases in density and sinks. As a consequence the surrounding seawater gets saltier, because when sea ice forms, the salt is left behind.

Why is there more salinity in the southern hemisphere?

Horizontal Distribution of Salinity of Ocean Water This is attributed to the high occurrence of precipitation on equator. The average salinity of the Northern and Southern hemisphere is 3.5 and 3.4 %0 respectively. This also because of the fact that the Northern Hemisphere is land dominated.

Why does the ocean water become saltier in the Arctic region?

The warmer the climate, the more ice melts. And the more ice melts, the more freshwater pours into the Arctic Ocean. That, in turn, lowers its saltiness.

Which hemisphere has higher salinity?

Explanation: The northern hemisphere occupies more land mass. This is one prime reason for increased salinity in the northern hemisphere. Land heats up and cools down faster than ocean water.

What is the reason that higher average surface densities are found in the southern hemisphere?

What is the reason for the fact that higher average surface densities are found in Southern Hemisphere? d. Cold ice cap of Antarctica chills the surrounding water. Little runoff from Antarctica, formation of sea ice enhances increase in density also.

Why is salinity higher near 30 latitude?

At approximately 30°–35° N and 30°–35° S, the subtropical zones called the horse latitudes are belts of high evaporation that produce major deserts and grasslands on the continents and cause the surface salinity to rise.

Where is the highest salinity in the poles or near the equator?

Tropics, equator or poles Tropical belts has the highest salinity due to high temperature (evaporation) and low precipitation than equatorial area. Maybe the temperature is high at equators but the evaporation creates precipitation which compensate or dilute the salt in the oceans.

Where is salinity higher?

Salinity is higher at the equator compared with the polar regions, though salinity is actually highest in the global ocean in the horse latitudes of 30 to 38 degrees north or south. This is due to the influence of the global atmospheric circulation on climate.

Why do polar waters have a lower salinity?

Polar waters will have even lesser salinity because of lower evaporation and continual addition of freshwater from melting icebergs. Equatorial waters have lower than average salinity because of heavy rainfall and high relative humidity , as precipitation adds good amount of freshwater to the ocean water.

Why does the open ocean have the highest salinity?

In the open ocean at the horse latitudes, the drier climate, coupled with the still relatively low latitude leads to hot and dry conditions, which increases the evaporation rate. Without any precipitation overhead, or runoff from the continents in this region, the salt is able to concentrate, increasing salinity.