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How long was Argentinosaurus from head to tail?

How long was Argentinosaurus from head to tail?

“Its length, from its head to the tip of its tail, was 40m. “Standing with its neck up, it was about 20m high – equal to a seven-storey building.” This giant herbivore lived in the forests of Patagonia between 95 and 100 million years ago, based on the age of the rocks in which its bones were found.

How long is a titanosaur neck?

“The skulls of these kinds of sauropod dinosaurs are very rare,” Norell told Live Science. “They’re extremely fragile—the bones are really paper thin.” In all, the titanosaur would have stood about 20 feet (about 6 m) tall at its shoulder, and 46 feet (14 m) tall with neck held at a 45-degree angle.

What is the dinosaur with 500 teeth?

Fun fact: There existed a dinosaur with more than 500 teeth According to American paleontologist Paul Sereno, the Nigersaurus was a 30-foot-long plant-eating dinosaur that lived 110 million years ago in what is now Niger’s Sahara Desert.

How long was apatosaurus neck?

Parrish said that that even though these sauropods had necks that were 40+ feet (12.5 m) long, these plant-eaters could not lift their heads more than about 9 to 12 feet (3-4 to m).

Is Brachiosaurus bigger than titanosaur?

But even after that downsizing, it’s still twice as heavy as more familiar giants like Brachiosaurus and Apatosaurus, and 10 percent bigger than the previous record-holder—another Argentinian titanosaur called Argentinosaurus.

How tall is a Brachiosaurus?

The largest complete dinosaur we know of was Brachiosaurus (“arm lizard”); it reached 23 m in length and 12 m in height (about the length of two large school buses and the height of a four-story building).

How old is long neck?

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How big was the Argentinosaurus when it was discovered?

When it was discovered in Argentina in 1987, Argentinosaurus, the world’s biggest dinosaur, shook the world of paleontology to its foundations. A Full-Grown Argentinosaurus Weighed Close to 100 Tons. Ever since its discovery, in 1987, paleontologists have argued about the length and weight of Argentinosaurus.

How big is an Argentinosaurus compared to a blue whale?

Approximately 35 feet longer than a fully grown blue whale. …and just for fun: equal to the length of the diameter of 1,725 nickels. Estimates of Argentinosaurus’ weight fall at around 80 to 110 short tons or somewhere around 200,000 pounds. The weight of the average sized fully grown blue whale.

How long did the long neck Dinosaur live?

The long neck Sauropods existed for approximately 140 million years that span across the Mesozoic Era, making them one of the most successful dinosaurs that lived in all three periods of the Mesozoic.

How did the Argentinosaurus walk on four legs?

Argentinosaurus walked on four legs but little else is known about its method of locomotion due to a lack of fossil evidence. Some say that because this dinosaur was so big and heavy with rather short legs it may have had trouble moving and certainly wouldn’t have been able to run, but until more evidence is uncovered this is just speculation.