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How many pages is out of the Dust by Karen Hesse?

How many pages is out of the Dust by Karen Hesse?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780590371254
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 11,564
Product dimensions: 7.62(w) x 5.24(h) x 0.60(d)
Age Range: 11 – 14 Years

What is stowaway by Karen Hesse about?

Editorial Reviews Newbery winner Karen Hesse re-creates Cook’s momentous voyage through the eyes of this remarkable boy, creating a fictional journal filled with fierce hurricanes, warring natives, and disease, as Nick discovers new lands, incredible creatures, and lifelong friends.

What genre is Stowaway by Karen Hesse?

Nautical fiction

Who wrote the book stowaway?

Karen Hesse
Children’s Book Review: Stowaway by Karen Hesse, Author, Robert Andrew Parker, Illustrator Margaret K. McElderry Books $17.95 (328p) ISBN 978-0-689-83987-0.

Why did Billie Jo run away?

Billie Jo also feels angry towards her father for having left the pail of kerosene in the kitchen in the first place. She wonders if she can ever forgive him. Feeling guilty and despondent, Billie Jo runs away.

What is a stowaway passenger?

A stowaway or clandestine traveller is a person who secretly boards a vehicle, such as a ship, an aircraft, a train, cargo truck or bus. Sometimes, the purpose is to get from one place to another without paying for transportation. Thousands of stowaways have travelled by sea or land over the last several centuries.

When was Stowaway published?

Stowaway/Originally published

What can you do with stowaways?

Any stowaways found should be placed in secure quarters, guarded if possible, and be provided with adequate food and water. They should be searched as well as the place where they were found for identification papers. Where there is more than one stowaway, they should be detained separately.

Is stowing away a crime?

Legal consequences Stowaways may risk being fined or imprisoned, since it is illegal in most jurisdictions to embark on aircraft, boats or trains as stowaways. Airports, sea ports and train stations are typically marked as “no trespassing” or “private property” zones to anyone but customers and employees.

Who is the narrator of Stowaway by Karen Hesse?

Hesse includes an afterword that explains the history behind the novel, a list of all the people aboard (taken from public records), and a glossary of terms. David Cale does a fine job of narrating the audiobook. He really brings these characters to life. Very interesting journey that Captain Cook and his crew had.

What kind of books does Karen Hesse write?

Hesse has written a lot of YA books that look at history from a young person’s perspective. She is a Newbery winner and a MacArthur fellow. In the summer of 1768 Captain James Cook set sail on H.M.S. Endeavor for a major expedition to explore the possibility of a new continent.

Who was the stowaway on James Cook’s ship?

It is known that in the summer of 1768, Captain James Cook sailed from England on H.M.S Endeavour, beginning a three-year voyage around the world on a secret mission to discover an unknown continent at the bottom of the globe. What is less known is that a boy by the name of Nicholas Young was a stowaway on that ship.

Is the book Stowaway based on a true story?

Stowaway is the fictionalized story of the amazing adventures of a real-life boy named Nicholas Young. Only a few facts are known about the real Nicholas Young: 1) he really did stow away on Captain Cook’s voyage around the world when he was 11 years old; 2) when he was discovered, Captain Cook commissioned him into…