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How many properties does Southern Housing Group have?

How many properties does Southern Housing Group have?

We manage more than 13,000 homes in Hackney, Islington, Hammersmith & Fulham, Southwark, Kensington & Chelsea, Waltham Forest, Tower Hamlets, Newham, Barking & Dagenham, Havering, Greenwich, Thurrock, Brentwood and Basildon.

How many housing association homes are there?

In the 12 months ending September 2019: Housing associations started to build 51,213 homes, up 13.5% on September 2018 figures. 43,666 of these were affordable homes, up 16.5% on September 2018 figures. Housing associations also completed a total of 45,944 homes, up 7.9% on September 2018 figures.

How many housing associations are there in the UK?

A board might include residents, representatives from local authorities and community groups, business people and politicians. There are more than 30,000 voluntary board members running housing associations throughout England.

Do Southern Housing allow under occupancy?

Under-occupation – we will allow up to one bedspace under-occupation as part of a mutual exchange. However incoming tenants must ensure that they understand how any under-occupation will reduce the eligible rent under new benefit guidelines.

Is Southern Housing Group A charity?

Southern Housing Group Limited is a charitable housing association and parent body of the Group.

What is the difference between housing association and council?

Housing associations rent their properties through the council and sometimes you can go directly to them. A council tends to offer a Secured Tenancy with a Right To Buy your council house. A Housing Association offer Assured Tenancy agreements and you will usually have a Right To Acquire your home at a discount.

What is the largest housing association in the UK?

Clarion is the UK’s largest housing association, owning and managing 125,000 homes: 350,000 people call a Clarion home their home.

What is the biggest housing association?

Clarion Housing Group

Rank Name No. of dwellings
1st Clarion Housing Group 125,000
2nd L&Q 95,000
3rd Peabody Trust 66,000
4th Metropolitan Thames Valley 57,000

How does a mutual exchange work?

It’s a scheme for people who live in a council or housing association property who would like to swap their home with another tenant. People often swap to get a larger or smaller home or to move to a different area. When you mutually exchange your home, you are swapping tenancies with someone else.

Are housing associations limited companies?

There is a long history of tenant involvement in social housing. There is nothing about being a limited company, a charity, or a community benefit society that defines what tenant involvement activities a housing association offers.