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How many types of Versant test are there?

How many types of Versant test are there?

The nine task types include reading aloud, repeats, sentence building, conversations, typing, sentence completion, dictation, passage reconstruction, along with providing a summary and opinion.

Can we take Versant test on phone?

Versant language tests can be taken anytime and anywhere with the Versant test app. Tests taken on the Versant test app provide the same accurate scores as other delivery methods, with the added benefit of working on smartphones. Test scores and statuses are also conveniently available within the app.

Is Versant test easy?

Not a problem. Versant is actually easier than you think— if you know the loopholes around it. Here’s a complete guide with a sample audio.

What is the passing score for Versant test?

Skill Area Score
Overall 59
Sentence Mastery 51
Vocabulary 52
Fluency 64

What is Versant test in Amazon?

Amazon Versant Test The Versant Test evaluates your ability to communicate efficiently in the English language. It also tests your use of correct grammar and advanced vocabulary. You will be given a passage of text and asked to type as many words as possible within a 60 second time allowance.

What is Versant test in BPO?

The Versant Exam is used to determine if you have what it takes to be a call center agent in terms of communications skill before the HR people conducts an interview with you. It saves their time and your time, in case you’re not qualified.

What is intelligibility in Versant test?

Intelligibility is a measure of how understandable a candidate is as a speaker. Even when spoken English proficiency is low, if intelligibility is high, it means that native speakers find the speech easy to understand.

Is Versant recorded?

During test administration, the Versant testing system presents a series of recorded spoken prompts in English at a conversational pace and elicits oral responses in English. The Versant English Test has six item types: Reading, Repeats, Short Answer Questions, Sentence Builds, Story Retelling, and Open Questions.

How do you know if you passed the Versant test?

You may find out Pearson Versant Exam results on your Score Keeper account with the help of the Automated Scoring feature right after the applicants complete their exams. You may reach out to the exam results according to the TIN by clicking on the View Scores button.

Can you fail Amazon Assessment test?

Yes, you can fail the Amazon assessment test. In many cases, the assessment is the initial screening step, or it comes right after a phone interview. So, failing the assessment means that your application is terminated, and you’ll be able to re-apply after a given time that varies across positions.

How do I prepare for Versant exam?

DO write in complete grammatical sentences. DON’T memorize the passage word-for-word or take notes. DON’T write a summary (you should include all details). You will read a description of a situation, and you write an email addressing the issues described in the situation.

What is Versant test in call center?