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How much does a new Selmer clarinet cost?

How much does a new Selmer clarinet cost?

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This item Selmer USA 1400B Student Bb Clarinet (Standard) Selmer USA CL211 Bb Wood Clarinet Outfit
Customer Rating 4.4 out of 5 stars (6) 4.6 out of 5 stars (6)
Price $1,077.00 $1,653.00
Sold By STARR MUSIC Park Ave Music Center San Jose Ca.
Instrument Key B Flat B Flat

Is a Selmer clarinet good?

The Selmer clarinets are known for their elegant look, ease of use, and high-quality sound output. The reviews for Selmer clarinets tell it all, people who own these clarinets have found them suitable for performances as an amateur or experienced instrumentalist.

What is the most expensive clarinet brand?

1. Selmer Paris Model 41 Contrabass Clarinet

  • Price: $35,775.
  • At an astounding $35,775, the Selmer Paris Model 41 Contrabass Clarinet is the most expensive clarinet in the world.
  • Price: $25,000.
  • Price: $23,204.
  • Price: $9,259.99.
  • Price: $9,212.15.
  • Price: $9,000 for the Bb and A models.
  • Price: $7,882.24.

Where are Selmer clarinets made?

Henri Selmer Paris is a French enterprise, manufacturer of musical instruments based at Mantes-la-Ville near Paris. Founded in 1885, it is known as a producer of professional-grade woodwind and brass instruments, especially saxophones, clarinets and trumpets.

What is my Selmer clarinet worth?

Clarinet Values

Brand (P) = Professional (I) = Intermediate (B) = Beginner Model Info Online Store overhauled, warranty, return policy
Selmer USA (B) Bundy $ 225
Selmer USA (B) Signet $ 275
Selmer USA (I) Signet 100 $ 300
Selmer USA (I) Signet Special $ 350

How do you identify a Selmer clarinet?

Selmer Paris clarinet serial numbers are either a plain number up to four figures long and then a letter prefix followed by a number, usually up to four figures long (eg. A1234) – the serial number is stamped by the C#/G# tonehole on the top joint and on the lower joint above the tenon.

Who makes a good clarinet?

If you’re still unsure about which one to go for we’d recommend either the Buffet Crampon R13 Professional Bb Clarinet or the Yamaha YCL-650 Bb Clarinet. From two of the most respected brands in the clarinet world these two models are hugely popular and will help you step up to the next level with your playing.

Who owns Conn Selmer?

Steinway Musical Instruments
Conn-Selmer/Parent organizations

Conn-Selmer, Inc. is an American manufacturer of musical instruments for concert bands, marching bands and orchestras. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Steinway Musical Instruments and was formed in 2003 by combining the Steinway properties The Selmer Company and United Musical Instruments.

How much is a Noblet 40 clarinet worth?

That should give you a good indication of how accurate their appraisal is. As an example, a customer asked me the value of her Noblet 40 clarinet. eBay-wise it is worth about $60 – 120 depending upon condition and the market but someone told her it was worth $1,200 and she was shocked.

How much is a brand new clarinet on eBay?

A brand new $1200 clarinet you would be lucky to get around $650 for it on eBay. So in our pricing guide, which you should take as a Guide and not as a defacto standard is based on observations of clarinet price sales from a variety of locations.

When did clarinet values start to go down?

The Chart Below this one was based on 2008 through 2009 values. Since then, actually since 2008 clarinet values for the most part have been going down. The second chart below this one was the original one compiled from 2008-2009.

How much is a 1960 Buffet clarinet worth?

Clarinets are a dime a dozen, and like cars they lose half their value once purchased, no matter if you drove it or not. After that it’s mainly downhill. Of course over time you may recover value such as a Buffet R13 from say 1960 was bought for $180 is now worth $800 in undamaged and playable condition.