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How old is Eva Mae LeFevre?

How old is Eva Mae LeFevre?

Eva Mae LeFevre died on May 18, 2009 in Atlanta, at the age of 91.

Is Mylon LeFevre related to the LeFevre quartet?

While stationed at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, the LeFevres were performing at a gospel convention in Memphis. That weekend, LeFevre hitchhiked over 600 miles to get there. After leaving the army, LeFevre became a member of the famed Stamps Quartet (1966–1968).

How many children did Eva Mae LeFevre have?

five children
She was born Eva Mae Whittington, August 7, 1917. She married her beloved Urias LeFevre in 1934. She gave birth to five children; Pierce, Meurice, Andrea, Mylon, and Monteia.

How old is Mylon Le Fevre?

77 years (October 6, 1944)
Mylon LeFevre/Age

Who wrote gospel song without him?

Mylon LeFevre wrote “Without Him” at age 17. He knew little about music but can play instruments by ear. He thought his song’s great so he sang it before J.D Sumner, a Gospel Music Hall of Fame member.

Who are the members of the LeFevre Quartet?

11, 2019 — The LeFevre Quartet is excited to announce two new members to the group’s lineup. Mike and Jordan LeFevre welcome Jay Parrack as their new tenor singer and Will Lane as their new bass singer.

When was Christi LeFevre born?

Christi Lefevre was born in 1985.

Who wrote Gospel Ship?

Original versions of Gospel Ship written by A.P. Carter | SecondHandSongs.

Who sings tenor for the LeFevre Quartet?

Jay Parrack
The new version of the LeFevre quartet will have a very familiar name being added for tenor, Jay Parrack! Jay was a loved member of Gold City for over a decade. During that time, he won the Singing New Fan Award for “Favorite Young Artist” five times and the Singing News Fan Award for “Favorite Tenor” twice!

Who wrote the song without him?

Eva Mae LeFevre
Mylon LeFevre
Without Him/Artists

What happened to Jay Parrack?

Tenor. Jay Parrack has always had a love for music. In November of 2019, Jay, with the support of his family, accepted the tenor position with The LeFevre Quartet from Atlanta, Georgia.