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How old is will kit?

How old is will kit?

Personality and Facts. Will is a hobo from Texas and about sixteen years old when he is first seen. He grew up on a farm in Texas, and was part of a large family.

Where was Kitt Kittredge filmed?

Filming was done in and around Toronto, and in Tottenham, Ontario in the summer of 2007. The costume department made use of vintage photographs by Dorothea Lange and old Sears-Roebuck catalogues for creating the cast’s Depression-era clothing.

When was Molly archived?

In June 2013 American Girl announced that they would archive Molly McIntire, Emily Bennett, Molly’s entire collection, and Emily’s collection. Molly’s entire collection was archived on January 1, 2014.

How many Kit Kittredge movies are there?

It is the first in the American Girl film series to have a theatrical release; the first three were television films. As with the TV films….

Kit Kittredge: An American Girl
Budget $10 million
Box office $17.7 million

When did the book Kit Kittredge come out?

Kit Kittredge is the seventh Historical Character, representing the Great Depression era. Kit was released in 2000 and was part of the BeForever collection. Kit was named after her mother and Aunt Millie; however, she prefers to go by her nickname.

Where did the name Kit Kittredge come from?

Kit was born as Margaret Mildred Kittredge on May 19, 1923 in Cincinnati, Ohio to a well-to-do family, and was named after her mother and her Aunt Millie. She, however, prefers to go by a nickname given to her by her family, which was taken from both her surname and the song Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit-Bag.

When did Kit Kittredge An American girl come out?

A feature film Kit Kittredge: An American Girl was released to theaters on July 2, 2008, starring Abigail Breslin in the title role.

Who is Kit Kittredge’s brother in the movie?

In the film version, Kit, portrayed by Abigail Breslin, hasn’t been radically changed from her original book portrayal; several minor details however were altered in the film, namely her brother Charlie and Aunt Millie as unseen characters and only mentioned in passing, and other changes to her and her relatives’ backstory.