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How tall is a Chaffinch?

How tall is a Chaffinch?

Description. The common chaffinch is about 14.5 cm (5.7 in) long, with a wingspan of 24.5–28.5 cm (9.6–11.2 in) and a weight of 18–29 g (0.63–1.02 oz). The adult male of the nominate subspecies has a black forehead and a blue-grey crown, nape and upper mantle.

How big is a common chaffinch?

0.73 ozAdult
Common chaffinch/Mass

What is a Chaffinch rain call?

The Chaffinch is also known for having a so-called ‘rain-song. ‘ It has been considered to predict impending rain, though you may not want to use it as an alternative to the weather forecast.

What animals eat Chaffinch?

Common name: chaffinch.

  • Scientific name: Fringilla coelebs.
  • Family: Fringillidae (finches)
  • Habitat: woodland, farmland, parks and gardens.
  • Diet: seeds and invertebrates.
  • Predators: sparrowhawks and cats take adults; a range of predators may take eggs and chicks.
  • Origin: native.
  • What are chaffinches?

    The male chaffinch is unmistakeably handsome with a blue-grey cap, pink cheeks and breast and a reddish-brown mantle. Females and juveniles are much duller, consisting of grey-brown upper-parts and dull greyish-white underparts. All chaffinches, however, have distinct wing bars.

    How many eggs does a Chaffinch lay?

    Chaffinches build their compact cup-shaped nests in the forks of trees or hedges, and once complete, they will have one brood of around 4-5 eggs, which will be incubated for 11-13 days by the female. Once the young have hatched, they fledge and leave the nest after a further 13-14 days.

    What does the chaffinch say?

    The usual alarm call of a Chaffinch normally takes the form of a high-pitched ‘seeee’.

    How many eggs does a chaffinch lay?

    How big does a common chaffinch bird get?

    The common chaffinch measures 14.5 cm long and has a wingspan of 24.5 to 28.5 cm. This bird weighs just 18 to 29 grams. The male chaffinch has a black forehead and blue-gray crown, upper mantle, and nape.

    What kind of plumage does a chaffinch have?

    Its summer plumage is brighter that its winter plumage. The male Chaffinch has a pink breast and cheeks, blue-grey crown and nape, and chestnut brown back. In summer, its bill is grey-blue, turning to pale brown in the winter. The female has an olive-brown back, and grey-brown underparts becoming almost white towards the rump, which is greenish.

    Where can I find a chaffinch in the UK?

    This bird species has different identifying features depending on sex/age/season. Chaffinches can be seen around the UK in woodlands, hedgerows, fields, parks and gardens anywhere. * This map is intended as a guide.

    What’s the difference between a male and female chaffinch?

    Male chaffinches in Madeira ( F. c. maderensis) and the Azores ( F. c. moreletti) are similar in appearance to F. c. canariensis, but have a bright green mantle. The adult female is much duller in appearance than the male. The head and most of the upperparts are shades of grey-brown.