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Is Diego Maradona still rich?

Is Diego Maradona still rich?

Maradona made and wasted millions over his years at the pinnacle of his fame with Barcelona, Napoli and Argentina, and he also made some shrewd investments. Some reports circulating since his death estimate his estate at around $90 million. At least two-thirds must be left to the spouse or offspring of the deceased.

How much was Diego Maradona worth when he died?

Maradona had an estimated net worth of $500,000 at the time of his death, according to Celebrity Net Worth, a website that reports on the wealth of famous people.

Did Diego Maradona meet Queen?

Music fans, especially rock fans, remember Maradona for some curious situations involving him in the past. One of the most notable was the meeting between the athlete and Queen’s musicians , when the band toured Argentina and Brazil in 1981.

Was Diego Maradona intelligent?

Maradona’s triumph was a triumph of will, of bravery and of acute intelligence too. The Maradona of 1986 wasn’t an accident or a product of anthropological forces. In Italy Maradona had worked relentlessly at finding the right tempo to play, the best way to weaponise his skills in a brutal defensive game.

What was Maradona’s salary?

$3 million
Maradona reportedly earned a salary of $3 million during his time at Napoli, and collected almost $10 million in endorsements, before becoming a manager for seven football clubs around the world, including the Argentina 2010 World Cup side.

Is Diego Maradona poor?

Diego Maradona was born into poverty in the slums of Buenos Aires, but his upbringing helped to define him.

Was Freddie Mercury a soccer fan?

Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of Queen, wasn’t necessarily a huge sports fan. In regards to “We Are The Champions,” one of his many hit songs, Mercury once said that football was his inspiration for it. “I was thinking about football when I wrote it,” he said.

When did Queen go to Argentina?

Queen headed there in early 1981 after completing the bulk of a tour promoting their smash hit album “The Game.” The first South American tour brought the band to Argentina and Brazil in February and March 1981.

Does Diego Maradona have Italian ancestry?

His father Diego Maradona “Chitoro” (1927–2015), who worked at a chemicals factory, was of Guaraní (Indigenous) and Spanish (Basque) descent, and his mother Dalma Salvadora Franco, “Doña Tota” (1930–2011), was of Italian and Croatian descent.

What killed Diego Armando Maradona?

Heart attack
Diego Maradona/Cause of death
Maradona, who rose from the slums of Buenos Aires to lead Argentina’s national soccer team to victory in the 1986 World Cup, died in November at the age of 60. He reportedly suffered a heart attack at his home following brain surgery.

What kind of career did Diego Maradona have?

Diego Maradona 1 Professional Career. A short but fearless midfielder renowned for his ability to create scoring chances for himself and others, Maradona led club teams to championships in Argentina, Italy and Spain. 2 Life After Soccer. The problems that plagued Maradona later in his playing career continued after his retirement. 3 Death.

Where did Diego Maradona’s parents live in Argentina?

Maradona’s parents were both born and brought up in the town of Esquina in the north-east province of Corrientes, living only two hundred metres from each other on the banks of the Corriente River. In 1950, they left Esquina and settled in Buenos Aires.

When did Diego Maradona move to Boca Juniors?

Maradona moved to Boca Juniors in 1981 and immediately helped them gain the championship. He then moved to Europe, playing with FC Barcelona in 1982 (and winning the Spanish Cup in 1983) and then SSC Napoli (1984–91), where he enjoyed great success, raising the traditionally weak Naples side to the heights of Italian football.

What are the names of Diego Maradona’s daughters?

Diego Maradona walked the aisle with his long-time sweetheart Claudia Villafane on November 7, 1984. The couple was blessed with two daughters, Dalma Nerea and Giannina Dinorah.