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Is Olympia Washington worth visiting?

Is Olympia Washington worth visiting?

Olympia, WA, located on the sparking waters of Puget Sound, is a small city big on history, culture and art. Family-friendly attractions, delectable dining and comfortable lodging options make exploring this capital city an ideal getaway for all.

How long is Seattle to Olympia?

There are 47.45 miles from Seattle to Olympia in southwest direction and 61 miles (98.17 kilometers) by car, following the I-5 S route. Seattle and Olympia are 1 hour 4 mins far apart, if you drive non-stop .

Is Olympia Washington a safe place to live?

Olympia is in the 28th percentile for safety, meaning 72% of cities are safer and 28% of cities are more dangerous. The rate of crime in Olympia is 37.61 per 1,000 residents during a standard year. People who live in Olympia generally consider the southwest part of the city to be the safest.

What do you do in Covid Olympia?

Washington Center for the Performing Arts. Puget Sound Estuarium. Priest Point Park. Bigelow House Museum….

  • Great Wolf Lodge.
  • Wolf Haven International.
  • Hands-On Children’s Museum.
  • Columbus Park.
  • Percival Landing.
  • Olympia Farmers Market.
  • Billy Frank Jr.
  • Olympic Flight Museum.

Is Olympia expensive to live in?

The Olympia area’s cost of living is about 10% higher than the national average, according to new data compiled by the Thurston County Regional Planning Council for the first quarter of 2020.

What’s it like to live in Olympia?

Olympia is mostly a pretty cool place with a little bit of a old city feel. It would be nice to see a increase of aid to the homeless as there’s a few places that could be renovate to assist them. Olympia might be a smaller town, however there is so much to do! From the capital forest to local downtown shops.

How much does it cost to take the train from Olympia to Seattle?

Amtrak operates a train from Olympia-Lacey Amtrak Station to Seattle every 4 hours. Tickets cost $25 – $40 and the journey takes 1h 37m.

Is there a ferry in Olympia?

The former Washington state ferry that has been docked at the Port of Olympia for more than two years is now the official property of a Vancouver, Washington man, the port commission learned on Monday.

Is it expensive to live in Olympia Washington?

Olympia, Washington’s cost of living is 4% higher than the national average. The cost of living in any area can vary based on factors such as your career, its average salary and the real estate market of that area.

How much snow does Olympia WA get?

Climate Averages

Olympia, Washington United States
Snowfall 6.0 in. 27.8 in.
Precipitation 167.2 days 106.2 days
Sunny 136 days 205 days
Avg. July High 77.1° 85.8°