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Is Sims suitable for a 9 year old?

Is Sims suitable for a 9 year old?

Content is generally suitable for ages 12 and up. However, there are certain things to watch out for: Violence – Violence is limited to a ‘slapstick’ or cartoon humour. However, players can be electrocuted by a plug or die in a fire.

What age rating is The Sims 2?

Sims 2 appropriate for age 16+

Can kids play Sims 2?

The Sims 2. Sims of all ages can play with each other, although Sims will reject most play interactions or be unavailable until they have developed a good enough relationship with the initiating Sim. In addition, some play interactions are only available for children and toddlers.

Is The Sims app appropriate for 10 year olds?

Great. It’s good for kids age 11 and up, There’s only a little mature-ness and there isn’t any violence, it’s also a relaxing game to play.

Is the Sims kid friendly?

Common Sense Media: Common Sense Media gives The Sims 4 a suggested age of 13+, stating that there are “lots of sexual themes, including skimpy outfits, flirting, kissing, but no nudity” and that “sex is performed entirely under the covers”.

What age is appropriate for Sims?

How old do you have to be to play The Sims 4?

It’s an amazing game! For parents reading, I strongly recommend you to go and watch some Sims 4 videos, which can help you decide. Personally I think it would be age 11+, it is a fun video game, but has some elements in it, which could possibly become in to educational things.

What are the pros and cons of the Sims 2?

The Sims 2 has pros and cons. It is a fun game. There is a little sexual content (Rolling under the sheets, bubbly hot tubs.) Adult characters can drink at home bars. Sims have the ability to fight. If kids get bad grades, they may be sent to military school. On the positives, Sims do ho

Are there any good Sims games for kids?

There are some innocent Sims games like Pets or Vets or some such, and other girly fashion dress up games. Your local library is a great place to check computer games out before you buy. answers from Columbus on September 06, 2009

What can you do in the Sims 2?

While it’s never too graphic, Sims can argue and fight with one another. Plus, they can catch on fire, and they do die eventually. Players can mega-make out and “WooHoo” under the covers (and in the hot tub). They can even try for a baby. The emphasis on this version is less about stuff, but material goods still matter.