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Is the house of dies drear based on a true story?

Is the house of dies drear based on a true story?

Dies Drear’s house is a real piece of history. Even it’s floor plan, with it’s secret passageways, hidden rooms, and underground caverns, tells a story about the Underground Railroad and American history.

What is the setting of Dies Drear?

THE TIME AND PLACE The House of Dies Drear is set in the 1960s in a small Ohio town. More than one hundred years earlier, the town was a stopping point for enslaved people travel- ing north on the Underground Railroad to Canada. The free state of Ohio was important to the Underground Railroad system.

Who is the author of the House of Dies Drear?

The House of Dies Drear is a children’s mystery novel written by American author Virginia Hamilton and published in 1968. Set in Ohio, the story follows Thomas Small as he and his family move into an old house that had previously been part of the Underground Railroad.

Who are the Darrows in the House of Dies Drear?

The Darrow family has been looking for Dies Drear’s collection for years. Mr. Pluto and Mr. Darrow’s father were both descendants of escaped slaves who had passed through Dies Drear’s house, and later returned. Pesty followed Mr. Pluto inside once, but has helped him keep the secret instead of telling the Darrows.

How old is Thomas small in House of Dies Drear?

Thomas Small is a 13-year-old boy, moving with his family from North Carolina to Ohio. His father is a history professor who has leased the historic home of the abolitionist Dies Drear. The house has been mostly empty for years, and is riddled with hidden passageways that were used to hide escaping slaves on the Underground Railroad.

When did the House of Dies Drear win the Edgar Award?

The House of Dies Drear won the Edgar Award for Best Juvenile in 1969. Go to to get your copy of these helpful resources.