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What are 2 countries that have Islam as the dominant religion?

What are 2 countries that have Islam as the dominant religion?

Islam is the dominant religion in the Maldives, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. India is the country with the largest Muslim population outside Muslim-majority countries with more than 200 million adherents.

What are the main countries of Islam?

The most populous Muslim countries are Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India. The number of Muslims in Indonesia alone (175 million) exceeds the combined total in Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Iran, the traditional heartlands of Islam.

Which countries are Islamic states?

As a name or title, three current states are Islamic republics: Iran, Mauritania and Pakistan. The term is, however, vague. Despite sharing the “Islamic republic” name, the countries differ greatly in their governments and laws, and of the three only Iran is a religious theocratic state.

Where are the most Islamic countries located why are they in this part of the world?

Answer: Islam is the dominant religion in Central Asia, Indonesia, Middle East, North Africa, the Saheland some other parts of Asia. The diverse Asia-Pacific region contains the highest number of Muslims in the world, easily surpassing the Middle East and North Africa.

What are the Muslim majority countries?

These countries also have Muslim majority populations. They include Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Algeria, Malaysia, Maldives, Morocco, Libya, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Somalia, and Brunei. In Libya, Islam is also considered a state religion.

Which country has the largest Muslim population?

Indonesia has the largest Muslim population of any country—212 million of its 241 million people (88 percent). India’s 184 million Muslims represent almost 15 percent of the country’s population. In Europe, Kosovo and Albania are the only two Muslim-majority countries.

What African country is Muslim?

Percentage of Muslims Per Country. Main Takeaways: The most solidly Muslim countries in Africa are located in and around the Maghreb , the Sahara Desert , and the continent’s eastern horn. The most solidly Muslim countries in Africa are: 1) Morocco, 2) Somalia, 3) Tunisia , 4) Mauritania , and 5) Sudan .