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What are 3 important facts about the Dominican Republic?

What are 3 important facts about the Dominican Republic?

Fun Facts About The Dominican Republic

  • The Dominican Republic is the 86th most populous country in the world.
  • It is located in the Caribbean.
  • Santo Domingo is the capital city of the Dominican Republic.
  • The official language of Dominican Republic is Spanish.
  • Inhabitants of the country are called Dominicans.

What does the Dominican Republic specialize in?

Economy of the Dominican Republic

Main export partners United States 50.8% Canada 10% United Kingdom 8.8% Italy 8.1% Spain 3.7% Haiti 2.9% (2017 est.)
Imports $20 billion (2019 est.)
Import goods foodstuffs, petroleum, cotton and fabrics, chemicals and pharmaceuticals

What makes Dominican famous?

It’s the site of the oldest colonial settlement in the Americas, and home to Christopher Columbus’s first New World landing point in 1492. More firsts in the Americas: First Catholic cathedral, first university, first hospital, and the first capital city (Santo Domingo). Any fans of The Godfather Part II?

What is the Dominican Republic best known for?

The Dominican Republic is known for its blue ocean waters, white-sand beaches, beautiful resorts, and the poverty that lurks on the outskirts of these tourist hot spots.

What are the tourist attractions in the Dominican Republic?

Dominican Republic Tour. Apart from all the things there are to do, there are many different Dominican Republic attractions as well. A few of the attractions and Dominican Republic sightseeing adventures include safaris, museums, art galleries, and shopping venues. One Dominican Republic attraction is the Islabon Jungle River Tour home in Cabarete .

What is the tourist destination in Dominican Republic?

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in the Dominican Republic Punta Cana. Thousands of tourists flock the beaches of Punta Cana, one of the most popular resort destinations in the Caribbean. Playa Dorada. Playa Dorada is one of the most popular beach destinations on the Dominican Republic’s northern coastline. Santo Domingo. Lake Enriquillo. Eastern National Park. Samaná Peninsula and Samaná Bay.

Where to go in Dominican Republic?

1. Punta Cana Where to Stay. Punta Cana is one of the most popular beach destinations in the Dominican Republic. It stands apart from other beach resorts in the country, however, because it has beaches that face both the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.