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What did Anthony Henday do?

What did Anthony Henday do?

Anthony Henday (fl. 1750 – 1762) was one of the first white men to explore the interior of the Canadian northwest. Henday volunteered to undertake an expedition into this territory. He came from the Isle of Wight, and was a convicted smuggler and joined the HBC in 1750 as a net-maker and labourer.

How long did Anthony Henday live?

HENDAY (Hendey, Hendry), ANTHONY, HBC labourer and net-maker, explorer; fl. 1750–62.

What did Anthony Henday think of the First Nations?

While the group was travelling in what Henday refers to the “Muscuty plains” they come across a man named “Attickasish with 2 Archithinue Natives (Blackfeet)”. He says these First Nations Peoples had never been in contact with any Europeans and his Cree travelling companions were afraid of them.

Why is Anthony henday important to Edmonton?

Anthony Henday was an English fur trader and explorer who left Hudson Bay in 1754 to travel to the Saskatchewan River. As the first European to seek trade with the Blackfoot Tribes of Alberta, he was responsible for important explorations and route discoveries across the province.

Who was Anthony Henday and what did he do?

Henday, Anthony, explorer (probably b on the Isle of Wight, Eng; fl 1750-62). Henday travelled farther into western Canada than any white person had before him, and his journal contains important glimpses of how the indigenous population lived at that time.

How did Anthony Henday get to Red Deer?

On June 26, 1754, he set out with a group of Cree Indians on foot to travel from York Factory to present-day Red Deer, Alberta. It is documented they passed the French Fort Paskoya where he may have met La Corne, the western commander. Anthony Henday’s route in green.

Why did Anthony Henday want to go back to York Factory?

Henday offered to have some of the Archithinues go back with them back to York Factory. The Archithinue Leader did not readily answer Henday and the Leader went on to say that they (Archithinue) could not paddle and that it (York Factory) was too far.

How much did it cost to build Anthony Henday Drive?

Anthony Henday Drive, a ring road which goes entirely around most of Edmonton. Constructed over a 26 year period at a cost of $4.3 billion, the highway can have a traffic volume of 106,000 vehicles per day.