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What did Sir Peter Blake do?

What did Sir Peter Blake do?

Sir Peter Blake was the world’s most celebrated yachtsman. In a 30-year career, he won every significant bluewater race on the planet. He also won and successfully defended the biggest sailing prize of all, the America’s Cup, and slashed the record for the fastest non-stop circumnavigation of the world under sail.

How does Peter Blake create his work?

Peter Blake is often called the “Godfather of British Pop art.” Like many artists of his time, he came of age in a country recovering from the war, so much of his interests were drawn toward the bright and happy lifestyle that was being touted in America via a booming advertising industry utilizing groundbreaking new …

What pirates killed Sir Peter Blake?

Sir Peter Blake was killed on his boat on the Amazon delta in 2001 by armed pirates known as The Water Rats. Blake was shot dead in South America, his life taken in return for some watches, CDs, cameras, cash and a dinghy.

Who was Peter Blake and what did he do?

Sir Peter James Blake KBE (1 October 1948 – 5 December 2001) was a New Zealand yachtsman who won the 1989–1990 Whitbread Round the World Race, held the Jules Verne Trophy from 1994 to 1997 by setting the fastest time around the world as co-skipper of ENZA New Zealand, and led his country to successive victories in the America’s Cup.

Where did Peter Blake go to art school?

Born in 1932, Peter Blake studied at the Royal College of Art (1953-56), where his contemporaries included Frank Auerbach and Bridget Riley. He subsequently taught at the Royal College from 1964 to 1976, and has also taught at St Martin’s School of Art.

When did Peter Blake become a Royal Academician?

In the early 1970s Blake used watercolour to illustrate Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking-Glass, and in 1975 was a founder of the Brotherhood of Ruralists. He was made a Royal Academician in 1981. He had a major retrospective exhibition at the Tate Gallery, London, in 1983 and at the Tate Liverpool in 2007.

Why is Peter Blake known as the godfather of pop art?

“I invented pop art, if one is being arrogant.” “People will always be interested in popular culture.” “I realized that I could paint the subjects I liked such as wrestlers and strippers and the rest of it.” Peter Blake is often called the “Godfather of British Pop art .”