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What did the Hohokam people do?

What did the Hohokam people do?

The Hohokam are probably most famous for their creation of extensive irrigation canals along the Salt and Gila rivers. In fact, the Hohokam had the largest and most complex irrigation systems of any culture in the New World north of Peru.

What were some activities at which the Hohokam were skilled?

They built villages and cities along river valleys, grew crops, and made jewelry and pottery. They built complex communities of skilled hunters and gatherers, farmers, builders, traders, and artisans.

How did the Hohokam make a living?

During the Pioneer Period the Hohokam lived in villages composed of widely scattered, individually built structures of wood, brush, and clay, each built over a shallow pit. They depended on the cultivation of corn (maize), supplemented by the gathering of wild beans and fruits and some hunting.

What destroyed the Hohokam society?

A persistent drought, lasting from about 1130-1180 CE, decimated the Anasazi crops, and a major flood in 1358 destroyed the Hohokam irrigation system.

What did the Hohokam people do in Arizona?

The Hohokam people occupied the valley and much of southern Arizona from A.D. 1 to 1450. Michael Hampshire’s rendering of the large platform mound at Pueblo Grande on the north bank of the Salt River. The Hohokam were farmers who grew corn, beans, squash and agave.

How did the Hohokam culture get wiped out?

At least two large floods occurred on the Salt River, destroying the heads of major canal systems. The canals were not rebuilt. The large villages were abandoned. By the mid to late 1400s, the Hohokam culture was gone, but the way of life that supported the initial development of the culture, some 900 years before that, remained.

What kind of Technology did the Hohokam Indians use?

Corn and cotton were cultivated with ever more extensive irrigation systems. A major technological achievement was the casting of copper bells in wax molds. The Classic Period of Hohokam culture is notable for the peaceful intrusion of the Salado tribe, a branch of the Ancestral Pueblo (Anasazi) culture.

What did Hohokam people wear on their arm?

Shell bracelets are a common artifact type found on Hohokam sites including Mesa Grande. Crafted by removing the center of a clam shell, the bracelets were typically worn by men on their upper left arm. Shells with designs etched into them with a mild acid represent one of the earliest examples of this advanced technology.