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What did the pilot do in cold equations?

What did the pilot do in cold equations?

The ship’s pilot, Barton, discovers the stowaway and contacts his superior for instructions. In fact, Barton knows that he is supposed to jettison the girl to save the ship and its supplies, but he is hoping that his commander will give him permission to try to carry out the mission with her on board.

Is Marilyn in The Cold Equations good or bad?

Answer Expert Verified Marilyn in ‘The Cold Equation’ is a GOOD person. Marilyn is an innocent but ignorant eighteen years old girl who had not seeing her brother for ten years. She believed hiding in the Stardust ship, which is going to the place where here brother lives is a good mean of seeing her brother again.

How believable is a story like The Cold Equations?

Tom Godwin’s short story “The Cold Equations” is realistic and believable. The use of space travel in the story is for colonization, exploration and trade. The consequences of the extra weight of the girl on the ship’s deceleration is explained in terms that are understandable and logically in sync with physics.

Is the pilot in The Cold Equations a good person or bad person?

From the point of view of the girl, Marilyn, who stows away on the spaceship, the pilot’s actions are bad. She will be jettisoned into space and die, and had not considered the reality of what had to happen once she was discovered. If he did not get to the colony, all would die.

Why is Marilyn a good person in cold equations?

What are The Cold Equations in the story The Cold Equations?

There are two “cold” equations used and referred to in Tom Godwin’s short story “The Cold Equations.” The first is the equation used to calculate the exact amount of fuel needed for an Emergency Dispatch Ship (EDS) to reach its destination; the second is the equation used to determine how long Marilyn can safely stay …

What is the conflict in The Cold Equations?

The conflict of Tom Godwin’s short story “The Cold Equations” is that because of a mistake, Marilyn has to die, and Barton has to be the one to send her to her death.

What happens at the end of The Cold Equations?

The “cold equations” of physics admit no other solution, and in the end, Marilyn willingly lets herself be jettisoned into space. It’s a shocking ending, and in fact, it wasn’t even Godwin’s idea.