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What does a few loose ends mean?

What does a few loose ends mean?

tie up (some/a few) loose ends To take care of, finish, or resolve some issues or pieces of business that are not critical but have remained outstanding.

What is another word for loose ends?

In this page you can discover 5 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for loose-end, like: work undone, unresolved problem, job half-done, noncompletion and unfinished business.

How do you use loose ends?

There are several loose ends with the last two assignments. It was impossible to comprehend because there were all these loose ends trailing off. The running narrative seems to include many loose ends or unexamined assumptions. Tying up these loose ends will eventually lead to a tighter model.

What does no loose ends mean?

To make sure a situation ends well. for example, in movies a gangster might say there will be no loose ends to a murder. meaning no will find out.

Is it loose ends or lose ends?

The two words are commonly mistaken, even by native English speakers! It is probably because the words are close in spelling and pronunciation. In speaking, both words use the vowel sound /u/. But “lose” ends in the /z/ sound, while “loose” ends in the /s/ sound.

What is the opposite of loose end?

Opposite of not fixed in place tightly or firmly. taut. tense. tight. flexed.

How do you say tying up loose ends?

tie up loose ends

  1. close.
  2. complete.
  3. conclude.
  4. do.
  5. end up.
  6. finish up.
  7. settle.
  8. wrap up.

Are at a loose end?

If you are at a loose end, you are bored because you do not have anything to do and cannot think of anything that you want to do. In American English, you usually say that you are at loose ends. Adolescents are most likely to get into trouble when they’re at a loose end.

Are you at a loose end?

What does loose end mean in physics?

The loose end definition– A pulse wave move left on a string whose left end is free to move .

Which word tells the meaning of loose?

b : to free from restraint. 2 : to make loose : untie loose a knot. 3 : to cast loose : detach loosed the boat from its moorings— George Eliot. 4 : to let fly : discharge loosed a hail of bullets. 5 : to make less rigid, tight, or strict : relax loosed his grip.

What exactly does it mean to ‘tie up loose ends’?

tie up loose ends. idiom. : to complete the parts of something that have not been completed We still have to tie up some loose ends of the project. The writer ties up all the loose ends at the end of the story.

What is another word for loose end?

Synonyms for loose ends include odds and ends, etceteras, mélange, notion, assortment, bits, debris, etcetera, fragments and hodgepodge. Find more similar words at!

What is another word for “tie up loose ends”?

other words for tie up loose ends. close. complete. conclude. do. end up. finish up. settle. wrap up.