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What does Bubba mean in Croatian?

What does Bubba mean in Croatian?

buco / debeli → someone who is rounder around the belly area. lima → small one. stari → old one.

What does Mico mean in Croatian?

mico. Meaning: little cat. Usage: to express that someone is kind like a cat.

How do I introduce myself in Croatian?

Our coLanguage team collected useful Croatian phrases for almost every occasion….Learn how to introduce yourself.

English Croatian
My name is.. Moje ime je Ja se zovem
I am Ja sam
And what is your name? I kako se ti zoveš?
Please Molim

What does Dida mean?

Drug Industry Document Archive
Acronym. Definition. DIDA. Drug Industry Document Archive (University of California, San Francisco)

What does Benti Boga mean?

you want to see god .

What is Happy Birthday in Croatian?

Sretan rođendan
Sretan rođendan! Happy birthday! [also: Happy Birthday!]

What is your name in Croatian?

Yes in Croatian

English Croatian Sounds Like
No Ne ne
Excuse me Oprostite oh-pro-sti-teh
What is your name? Kako se zovete? kak-koh seh zoh-ve-teh
My name is … Zovem se zoh-vhem se

What do you say to people in Croatia?

Knowing these simple Croatian phrases and words means you’ll be able to say hello and goodbye to anyone you meet, make friends more easily, and seem more approachable to locals. Being able to blend in is better for everyone, and you can do that with just these few words. Hello – Bok. Good morning – Dobro jutro.

Are there any silent letters in the language of Croatia?

All languages have their strange quirks, and a lot of them are to do with colour (like how in Japanese blue and green are often interchangeable). In Croatian, people with blonde hair are actually considered to have blue hair! Croatian has no q, w, x, or y sounds, and it also has no silent letters.

Is the language of Croatia similar to Serbian?

Just memorise these Croatian phrases and you’ll be good to go! As a Slavic language, Croatian shares a close common history with Serbian and Bosnian, and the three languages are incredibly similar. In fact, some even consider it more of a Serbian dialect than a language in its own right.

Is there a lot of English in Croatia?

English is pretty well-spoken in Croatia these days, especially with the huge rise in tourism and the amazing history of the country drawing people in. That being said, it’s always a smart move to have some basic Croatian phrases ready for everyday situations.