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What elements are in lead nitrate made of?

What elements are in lead nitrate made of?

Explanation: Production. Lead nitrate is produced by reaction of lead(II) oxide with concentrated nitric acid: PbO + 2 HNO3(concentrated) → Pb(NO3)2↓ + H2O. It may also be obtained evaporation of the solution obtained by reacting metallic lead with dilute nitric acid.

How many atoms does Pb NO3 2 have?

Why? 34.85 g Pb(NO3)2 contains 3.802×1023 O atoms .

What is pbno3?

Lead nitrate | Pb(NO3)2 – PubChem.

How do you make lead nitrate?

Preparation and production Lead(II) nitrate does not occur naturally. The compound can be obtained by dissolving metallic lead in aqueous nitric acid: 3 Pb(s) + 8 H+(aq) + 2 NO3−(aq) → 3 Pb2+(aq) + 2 NO(g) + 4H2O(l)

What is the molar mass of pbno3?

331.2098 g/mol
The molar mass of Pb(NO3) 2 is 331.2098 g/mol.

What is the gram formula mass of pbno3?

Lead nitrate

PubChem CID 24924
Structure Find Similar Structures
Chemical Safety Laboratory Chemical Safety Summary (LCSS) Datasheet
Molecular Formula N2O6Pb or Pb(NO3)2
Synonyms Lead dinitrate LEAD NITRATE 10099-74-8 Lead (II) nitrate Lead nitrate (Pb(NO3)2) More…

Is pbno3 soluble in water?

Lead nitrate is a white crystalline solid. The material is soluble in water. It is noncombustible but it will accelerate the burning of combustible materials.

Is pbno3 soluable?

Is lead nitrate a metal?

Lead(II) nitrate is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula Pb(NO3)2. Known since the Middle Ages by the name plumbum dulce, the production of lead(II) nitrate from either metallic lead or lead oxide in nitric acid was small-scale, for direct use in making other lead compounds.

What is the name of Pb NO3 2 nitrate?

Answer: The name of Pb(NO3)2 is Lead (ll) Nitrate. I was able to determine the bond type because I identified the nature of the elements that were bonded. Hence, this makes this an ionic bond. The cation is lead Pb2 and anion is NO3.

Which is insoluble in water pbno3 or CH3OH?

Being an ionic inorganic salt, PbNO3 is soluble in water which is similar in structure as methanol (CH3OH) but we must remember that water is inorganic in nature unlike methanol which is a typical organic compound. From our knowledge of organic compounds we may simply predict that lead nitrate is insoluble in methanol.

How to balance Pb NO3 2 and Ki?

How to Balance: Pb (NO3)2 + KI = KNO3 + PbI2 | Why is lead II nitrate dangerous? Ingestion of nitrate containing compounds can lead to methemoglobinemia.

What is the percentage by mass of lead in Pb NO3 2?

What is the percentage by mass of lead in Pb no3 2? Element Symbol Mass Percent Lead Pb 62.559% Nitrogen N 8.458% Oxygen O 28.984%