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What games can you play with your hamster?

What games can you play with your hamster?

A good game to encourage trust and bonding is to lie on the floor with your hamster on your chest. Let her climb around on you. You can make a “mountain” for her to climb with your hands, or sit cross-legged and let her climb around. You can pet her from time to time, and speak gently to her.

What is a hamsters favorite thing to do?

Hamsters generally enjoy the companionship of their pet parent and love to be let out of their habitat to play. Enhance their fun by constructing a maze for them to navigate, getting a hamster ball or putting them in a safe, enclosed area with hamster toys.

How do you spoil a hamster?

Here, an Aldershot, ON vet offers some advice on how to spoil little Hammy.

  1. Comfy Cage. Hammie will spend most of his time in his habitat, so it’s important to make sure that it’s comfortable for him.
  2. Mazes. Like many small pets, hamsters like exploring mazes.
  3. Runabouts.
  4. Real Estate.
  5. Treats.
  6. Toys.
  7. Love.

How do you make a hamster cuddly?

How To Teach Your Hamster To Snuggle

  1. Erin Phraner / BuzzFeed / Via Giphy.
  2. Put the hamster directly into its new environment.
  3. Some rules…
  4. Start by hand-feeding it.
  5. As the hamster takes food from you, slowly get it used to being pet.
  6. Cup your hands around it slowly and lift.
  7. Can you even handle these cuddles?
  8. Can you!?!?

What toys should a hamster have?

Be sure that you have lots of toys for the hamster to enjoy. Toys such as toilet paper rolls, empty tissue boxes, tubes, tunnels, nest boxes, PVC piping, and hamster chew toys are fun for your hamster. Most hamster owners simply give the hamster a wheel and a ball to enjoy.

What are hamsters favorite toy?

Pet Hamster Toys Hamster Wheels and Balls. Most hamsters make great use of a hamster wheel and your hamster’s cage should have one. Chew Toys for Hamsters. Climbing and Housing Options for Hamsters. Plastic Toys for Hamsters. Sand and Digging Options for Hamsters. Mineral Blocks and Pumice Stones for Hamsters.

What toys do hamsters play with?

Some toys that are made for rabbits can be used for hamsters so long as they are small enough. Willow balls and twigs are a good place to start because they are all natural and safe. Other wooden toys made specifically for hamsters can be readily found in pet stores.

What do hamsters mainly play with?

Hamsters love to play on wheels, tubes and even the cardboard from paper towels. If they need something to nibble on give them a little piece of colored wood that you can get at pet stores. Thanks!