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What grade level is The Best Christmas Pageant Ever?

What grade level is The Best Christmas Pageant Ever?

Product Details

  • Format: Paperback Book.
  • Pages: 40.
  • Genre: Comedy and Humor.
  • Grades: Pre-K – 2.
  • Lexile® Measure: 930L.
  • Guided Reading Level: GR Level K.
  • DRA Level: 16 – 18.
  • ACR Level: 5.1.

What is the Lexile level of the Best School Year Ever?

The Best School Year Ever

The Best School Year Ever
Lexile: 1020,
Publisher: HarperCollins
BISAC/Subject: JUV039060, JUV019000, JUV039090
ISBN: 9780062089953, Related ISBNs: 0062089951, 9780062089953, 9780064404921

How many herdmans are there?

The Herdmans learn that where there’s fire, there’s free doughnuts. There are six Herdmans—Ralph, Imogene, Leroy, Claude, Ollie, and Gladys—living over a garage.

Who wrote The Worst Christmas Pageant Ever?

Barbara Robinson
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever/Authors

What reading level is the best worst school year ever?

The Best School Year Ever

  • Guided Reading Level: P.
  • Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Limited.
  • Number of Pages: 176.
  • Lexile Range: 1000-1099.
  • AR/ATOS Level Range: 5.0-5.4.
  • Publish Year: 2005.

Why did the Herdmans show up at church?

When the narrator’s little brother, Charlie, gets tired of Leroy Herdman stealing his dessert, he mentions that it does not matter because he gets all the snacks he wants at Sunday School. That sets the Herdmans on the trail and they show up at church the next Sunday with eyes wide open.

Who is the oldest Herdman?


  • The Herdman Kids: Ralph – the oldest and coolest. He’s the enforcer, 13.
  • The Bradleys: Grace – sweet, good-humored, slightly frazzled mom, 35 to 40ish.
  • Church People: Helen Armstrong – organized steamroller.
  • Church Ladies: Luanne – sassy, tells it like it is, 35 to 40ish.
  • Kids: Alice Wendleken – know-it-all.

Who are the Herdmans in the Christmas pageant?

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. It tells the story of Imogene, Claude, Ralph, Leroy, Ollie, and Gladys, six delinquent children named the Herdmans who were engaged in misfit behavior for their age such as smoking, cussing, drinking jug wine, and shoplifting. They go to church for the first time after being told that the church offers snacks.

What are the names of the Herdman children?

The six Herdman children – Imogene, Ralph, Claude, Leroy, Ollie, and Gladys – are juvenile delinquents notorious for their rowdy misfit behavior, including cigar smoking, cussing, drinking jug wine, and shoplifting.

What kind of degree does Ellen Herdman have?

Ellen has a bachelor’s degree in in elementary education and a master’s degree in reading education. Ellen has taught kindergarten for the past 6 years. In this lesson, you ‘l meet the six terrible Herdman children.

Why are the Herdman children so bad in the Outsiders?

From tattooing Louella’s baby brother with a marker to giving Lester paper-clip braces, the Herdmans are always causing trouble. But no one knows why the Herdman children are so bad. The Herdman children have even been banned from most of the businesses in town. Banned means someone is not allowed to enter a particular place or location.