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What happened to Appleton Special Rum?

What happened to Appleton Special Rum?

Why was Appleton Special discontinued or changed? Appleton Special and Appleton White were discontinued to allow the ‘Appleton’ name to live solely on our premium rum collection: Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum. Kingston 62 replaces both brands globally as Campari Group’s primary standard rum proposition.

What rum is similar to Appleton?

Appleton Special. “I consider Appleton Special as the ‘Bartender’s Best Friend.

  • El Dorado Rum 21-Year. “El Dorado is made in Guyana’s Demerara country and it’s popular around the world for its rich 300-year history.
  • Zacapa Rum.
  • Myers’s Rum.
  • Smatt’s Silver Rum.
  • Wray & Nephew.
  • Blackwell Rum.
  • Rum-Bar Rum.
  • Which country produces Appleton Estate rum?

    The Appleton Estate, the oldest sugar estate and distillery in Jamaica, has been in operation since at least 1749 and is now owned by Wray & Nephew.

    Is Appleton Estate rum sweet?

    Palate: The palate is sweet and slightly saline like salted caramel with notes of oak and light dry tannins. The sweet and saltiness holds on like a foggy day at the ocean. Conclusion: Appleton Estate Signature Blend is a great example of a pot distilled Jamaican rum that is smooth and has a bold flavor profile.

    Is Appleton Estate Closing?

    J Wray & Nephew Ltd (JWN) has confirmed that it will cease operating its Appleton Estates Sugar Factory, resulting in 370 positions being made redundant. In a statement on Wednesday, JWN said the decision follows reported annual losses of US$12 million on its sugar production operations for over a decade.

    Where is Appleton rum bottled?

    Since 1749, these premium, aged rums have been produced from meticulously cultivated sugar cane that is Estate-grown and harvested on the beautiful island of Jamaica. Appleton Estate Jamaica Rums deliver distinctive, rich, complex, luxurious flavors within a wide array of offerings.

    What rum is only sold in Jamaica?

    Wray & Nephew white rum Jamaican White Overproof Rum has the reputation of being the finest in the world and is a part of everyday life on the island. The white rum is dry, light-bodied, clear-coloured and slightly sweet in taste. It is made from the by-product of sugar cane grown on the island.

    What is the best rum in Jamaica?

    Wray & Nephew produces the famous Wray & Nephew White Overproof Rum, which is the most popular rum in Jamaica, according to This overproof white rum contains an astounding 63% alcohol and is traditionally served with a bit of water or grapefruit soda.

    Who bought Appleton Estate?

    Gruppo Campari
    Wray & Nephew Ltd., purchased the Appleton Estates, a plantation which had produced rum throughout the period of chattel slavery. At the end of 2012, Italian spirits company Gruppo Campari purchased Wray & Nephew.

    Is Appleton rum a dark rum?

    Appleton Estate Signature Blend is full-bodied, medium-sweet rum. It’s a delicious blend of 15 aged golden rums with a warm honey color, a lush, fruity aroma and a rich taste.

    What is a really good dark rum?

    15 Best Dark Rums for Every Occasion

    1. Diplomatico Ambassador. joakimtollbom.
    2. Flor de Cana 12. cashbasauri.
    3. Appleton Estate 21 Year Old. bkbroiler2k.
    4. Plantation Original Dark.
    5. Ron Zacapa 23 Centenario.
    6. Rhum Barbancourt Reserve Speciale 8 Year.
    7. Pusser’s True Aged 15-Year-Old British Navy Rum.
    8. Papa’s Pilar Dark 24 Rum.

    What is the cost of Appleton rum?

    $30 US per adult
    Rates. Admission fee for Appleton is $30 US per adult and $15.00 US per child under 17.

    How much is a bottle of Appleton rum?

    Appleton Estate Rum 50 Year Limited Edition 750ml 1797601* $7780.19 $7540.19 price per bottle

    Who is the master blender for Appleton Estate rum?

    Jamaica?s Nassau Valley is rum heaven, where Appleton Estate has been creating premium blended rums since 1749. Master Blender Joy Spence selects and oversees the blending of all Appleton Estate rums.

    Which is the oldest rum in the world?

    Officially the world?s oldest barrel-aged rum, the Appleton Estate 50 Year-Old Jamaica Independence Reserve is an extremely rare one of a kind masterpiece, with only 70 very select bottles available in the United States.