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What happened to Rick Hansen?

What happened to Rick Hansen?

On his way home from a fishing trip, 15-year-old Hansen suffered a spinal cord injury when he was thrown from the back of a pickup truck. The accident left him paralysed from the waist down. Hansen founded the Rick Hansen Foundation to continue the work of the Man in Motion World Tour, in 1988.

Did Rick Hansen go around the world?

From March 21, 1985 to May 22, 1987, Rick and his team wheeled over 40,000 km through 34 countries raising awareness about the potential of people with disabilities, creating accessible and inclusive communities, and finding a cure.

Who is Rick Hansen and what does he do?

Rick Hansen is the Founder of the Rick Hansen Foundation and a passionate supporter of people with disabilities in Canada. Rick is best known as the “Man In Motion” for his epic 26-month, 34 country, 40,000 km wheelchair trip around the world to make the world inclusive for people with disabilities and to find a cure for paralysis.

How many artifacts are in the Rick Hansen collection?

The Canadian Museum of History is proud to announce the acquisition of the Rick Hansen Man In Motion World Tour Collection. Spanning Hansen’s early athletic career and life on Tour, the collection includes 1,700 artifacts, and thousands of behind-the-scenes videos, photographs and documents.

Why was Rick Hansen donated to Canadian Museum of History?

Donated by Rick Hansen to the Museum in May 2020, this important collection reflects the unparalleled achievement of a Canadian hero, and his activism for greater access and inclusion for people with disabilities. “Great societies become greater when everyone has equal access, is fully engaged, and can realize their potential.”

What kind of jacket did Rick Hansen wear?

Hansen wore this custom-made jacket in cool or wet weather during the Tour. The jacket is adapted for use in a wheelchair, cut higher at the front for ease of movement. Created by Jones Tent and Awning, it is a pioneering example of adaptive clothing for people with disabilities.