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What happens at the Pond in Freak the Mighty?

What happens at the Pond in Freak the Mighty?

gets stuck in the pond scum with mud up to his neck. By the time Tony D.’s buddies rescue him, Max is stuck up to his knees and cannot move away from the rocks that the gang is hurling at them. Fortunately, the police drive up at just the right time and rescue Max and Kevin.

Who convinces Max into the muddy pond?

Yep, big Max is being steered by tiny Freak. It turns out Freak’s brilliant plan is to run straight for the nasty pond where the fireworks were launched from. Max resists going in, but the sound of Blade’s knife convinces him, and in he plunges.

What is the main setting of Freak the Mighty?

Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Plot. The novel is set in a version of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. In the beginning of the book, Maxwell Kane is a young boy with low self-esteem. He lives with his grandfather, Grim, and grandmother, Gram.

What happened when Max ran into the pond?

What happened when Max ran into the pond? Max and Freak got stuck in the pond.

What is the name of Chapter 7 in Freak the Mighty?

Walking High Above the World
“Freak the Mighty Chapter 7. Walking High Above the World.” LitCharts.

Where is Freak the Mighty born?

The geographical setting of Freak the Mighty is Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The most important settings are what Rodman Philbrick describes as social settings and imaginary settings.

What is Max father name in Freak the Mighty?

Kenny Kane
Loretta Lee—owner of a purse found by Freak the Mighty. Iggy Lee—chief of the Panheads, a local motorcycle gang. Kenny Kane—Max’s father, the murderer of Max’s mother.

What happens at the end of Freak The Mighty?

Freak stops Max in the middle of the pond, when the mud is up around Max’s knees. The boys turn around and they watch Tony D.’s friends rescue him. Again, it’s unlikely that Tony D.’s teeth are actually sharpened to points, but as the narrator, Max has the ability to tell his story in a way that makes it seem true.

Where does Max live in Freak The Mighty?

Max lives with his grandparents, Grim and Gram, and usually stays in “The Down Under”, a small room in the basement. He hates his father, whom he witnessed killing his mother, Annie. He becomes best friends with Freak, who customarily rides on his shoulders and acts as Max’s surrogate “brain”.

Who are the main characters in Freak The Mighty?

One day, Max sees Loretta, who tells him “Doing nothing’s a drag, kid”, so Max writes all of the adventures he and Freak had, in honor of his best friend. Maxwell “Max” Kane is the main character and narrator of the story.

Who is the cretin in Freak The Mighty?

Kevin takes the lead and tells Max to follow him away from the ”cretin.” Kevin explains that a cretin is defined as ”one who suffers from mental deficiency.” Max laughs and just as Tony D. looks up at him incredulously, a police car pulls up, which chases Tony D. and his gang away.