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What insects do tuataras eat?

What insects do tuataras eat?

What do Tuatara eat? They live on a diet of beetles, spiders, millipedes, weta and worms. They have special teeth, a single row on the bottom jaw and two rows on the top jaw which enables them to eat hard insects.

What did tuataras eat?

They eat mostly insects, especially beetles, but have been known to eat lizards, birds, and bird eggs. Young tuataras usually hunt for food during the day to keep from being eaten by adult tuataras at night!

How do tuataras find food?

The bottom row slots in between the two rows of upper teeth. Most of their food comes either directly or indirectly from sea bird colonies. Sea birds provide food for their young which attracts large numbers of insects and other invertebrates for the tuatara to feed on.

What is unusual about the tuatara eyes?

The tuatara has a third eye on the top of its head called the parietal eye. This eye has a retina, lens, cornea, and nerve endings, but it is not used for vision. The parietal eye is only visible in hatchlings, as it becomes covered in scales and pigments after four to six months.

What is the price of SSC Tuatara?

The marque just announced two new high-performance variants for the $1.6-million Tuatara hypercar.

What kind of food does a tuatara eat?

Tuatara Diet. Tuatara feed primarily on invertebrates but occasionally eat lizards, frogs and sea birds. They have two sets of upper teeth and a single row of bottom teeth. The bottom row slots in between the two rows of upper teeth.

Are there any predators for the tuatara in New Zealand?

Due to the fact that there are few real predators in New Zealand, the tuatara has no real native predators. However, since the introduction of cats, foxes, dogs and stouts, the tuatara populations have been wiped out in wide areas.

How are the teeth in a tuatara’s mouth arranged?

There are two rows of teeth on the upper jaw and one row on the lower jaw that fits between the upper rows of teeth when the mouth is closed. The arrangement of the teeth helps tuataras tear apart hard insects. These small teeth are not replaced when lost or broken, and older tuataras have to eat softer food items as their teeth wear down.

Where does a tuatara sleep during the day?

The tuatara is a nocturnal reptile meaning that the tuatara rests during the hours of daylight and comes out to hunt for food at night. During the day, the tuatara sleeps in a burrow which it digs with its strong claws into the ground.