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What is a Colt Cobra worth?

What is a Colt Cobra worth?

Value: $560. Our second “What’s It Worth” entry—courtesy of the Blue Book of Gun Values—is a Colt Cobra 38 special revolver. That’s right.

Is the Colt Cobra a good gun?

As for absolute accuracy on several occasions I have fired a two inch five shot group at 15 yards. The Colt Cobra is plenty accurate. Like the original the Cobra is as easy to use well and as accurate as most four inch barrel revolvers. Fiocchi ammunition exhibited a clean powder burn and provided excellent accuracy.

Will Colt make a new anaconda?

Now, Colt is reviving its legendary “Snake Gun” lineup, and the latest re-introduction in 2021 is the Colt Anaconda chambered in . 44 Mag. Built on an enlarged Python receiver, the Colt Anaconda revolver is made from stainless steel and incorporates the same Linear Leaf Spring mechanism as the second-generation Python.

Is the new Colt Cobra any good?

The Colt Cobra is larger than the typical J-frame five-shot revolvers but still quite compact. The new Colt Cobra has an attractive matte, satin finish, and while looks may be irrelevant in a self-defense handgun, the finish looked about the same after five days and perhaps 400-500 rounds fired without any cleaning.

How many colt snake guns are there?

Colt’s family of seven deadly serpents include the Python, Diamondback, Cobra, Anaconda, King Cobra, Boa and Viper.

What ammo does Colt Cobra use?

The Cobra is a six-shot gun chambered to . 38 Special, and it’s rated for standard and +P ammunition. The barrel is 1/8 inch longer than the original’s two-incher.

What’s the value of a Colt King Cobra?

The new value of a COLT KING COBRA pistol has risen $66.72 dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $1,016.22 . The used value of a COLT KING COBRA pistol has risen $34.52 dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $525.88 . The demand of new COLT KING COBRA pistol’s has risen 3 units over the past 12 months.

What kind of gun is the new king cobra?

The New Colt King Cobra The Colt King Cobra is a stainless steel, double action revolver built on a modified version of Colt’s D-Frame. Though released earlier this year there has been precious little in-depth media coverage on this gun, and we’re proud to take an early – and long – look at it here.

How big is the barrel on a Colt Cobra?

Colt’s current production King Cobra 6-shot 357 Magnum. Stainless steel construction with 3 inch (7.62 cm) barrel and Hogue overmolded grips. NEW IN FACTORY BOX. .357 Magnum …Click for more info

Is the colt King Cobra 357 Magnum unfired?

This is a new, unfired and in the case Colt King Cobra in 357 Magnum. It is polished stainless with a 3in barrel and comes as seen in case with all papers. I am selling this one consignment and as suc …Click for more info