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What is a fatwa example?

What is a fatwa example?

In September 1951, the mufti of Egypt issued a fatwa stating that both Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola were permissible for Muslims to drink. Another example of a fatwā is forbidding the smoking of cigarettes by Muslims.

Who is a Muqallid?

Taqlid (Arabic تَقْليد taqlīd) is an Islamic term denoting the conformity of one person to the teaching of another. The person who performs taqlid is termed muqallid. In contemporary usage, especially in the context of Islamic reformism, it is often portrayed in a negative light and translated as “blind imitation”.

Who can declare a fatwa?

A fatwa technically is a legal opinion on a matter of Islamic law, practice or convention. Who can issue one? Anyone can ask an Islamic scholar, an aalim (the singular for ulema), for a considered opinion or interpretation of something unclear in Islamic law.

What does ghair Muqallid mean?

Filters. Nondenominational Muslim; without taqlid. noun. 1.

Can husband claim wife’s property after her death in Islam?

Muslim Law dictates that upon an ancestor’s death, all of their properties pass through succession. Alternatively, if a person dies leaving a will, then his inheritance is governed by Shariat laws. The husband can inherit the property of his deceased wife under both the Indian Succession Act and the Shariat Laws.

What is the meaning of a fatwa in Islam?

A fatwā (/ˈfætwɑː/; Arabic: فتوى‎; plural fatāwā فتاوى) in the Islamic faith is a nonbinding but authoritative legal opinion or learned interpretation that the Sheikhul Islam, a qualified jurist or mufti, can give on issues pertaining to the Islamic law.

How are fatwas used in the modern era?

Fatwas have played an important role throughout Islamic history, taking on new forms in the modern era. Resembling jus respondendi in Roman law and rabbinic responsa, privately issued fatwas historically served to inform Muslim populations about Islam, advise courts on difficult points of Islamic law, and elaborate substantive law.

Which is an example of a fatwa issued?

Recent Examples on the Web Sistani issues his second political fatwa, urging the Iraqi people to remain neutral and not to interfere with the US forces.

What is the legal theory of a fatwa?

The legal theory of the fatwa was formulated in the classical texts of usul al-fiqh (principles of jurisprudence), while more practical guidelines for muftis were found in manuals called adab al-mufti or adab al-fatwa (etiquette of the mufti/fatwa). Fatwas are issued in response to a query.