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What is an analogy for nuclear membrane?

What is an analogy for nuclear membrane?

Cell Part City Analogy Purpose
E. Nuclear Membrane Police Force Protects
F. Ribosomes Factory & Workers Makes products
G. Endoplasmic Reticulum Roads or Highways Transportation system
H. Golgi Bodies Post Office or UPS Packs & carries

How is the Centriole like a car?

Nuclear Envelope “A plastid that contains chlorophyll and in which photosynthesis takes place.” The centriole is like attend on a car which allows the car to hear music or a radio station. The chloroplast can be the solar panels on a car that takes gasoline and energy from the sun.

What are some analogies for nucleus?

Cellular CEO The nucleus can be compared to the CEO of a company. A CEO oversees all of the company’s activities and leads the direction in which it will grow, just as a nucleus does for a cell. Other analogies for this aspect of the nucleus include the brain or a command center.

What is a good analogy for nuclear envelope?

The atomic shell surrounds the nucleus and separates it from the rest of the cell. The walls of a house are like a shell because they separate the rooms from the rest of the house.

What is an analogy for cytoskeleton?

The cytoskeleton holds the shape of the cell. The cytoskeleton is like the beams of a house because they help the house hold it’s shape.

What is an analogy for Golgi body?

The Golgi Apparatus is like a UPS truck because the golgi apparatus packages and ships proteins where they are needed like a UPS truck packages and ships items where they are needed.

What are cell walls analogous to in the human body?

The cell wall can be represented as the bones in our body. This is because the bones provide extra support for the cell just like the cell wall does to its plant cell. The cytoplasm can be represented as the muscles in our body.

What is the nucleolus in a car analogy?

Nucleolus. The nucleolus is like the gas pump. The nucleolus makes ribosomes like the gas pump makes gas, which is the ribosomes in a car.

What is an analogy for peroxisome?

An analogy for lysosomes and peroxisomes is that these organelles are like a recycling plant.

How did the basal body get its name?

The basal body was named by Theodor Wilhelm Engelmann in 1880 It is formed from a centriole and several additional protein structures, and is, essentially, a modified centriole. The basal body serves as a nucleation site for the growth of the axoneme microtubules.

How are the feet of a basal body?

First, basal bodies have basal feet, which are anchored to cytoplasmic microtubules and are necessary for polarized alignment of the cilium. Second, basal bodies have pinwheel-shaped transition fibers that originate from the appendages of mother centriole.

What kind of structures are associated with basal bodies?

Basal bodies are associated with alar sheets, basal feet, and striated rootlets ( Fig. 1) ( Anderson, 1972; Pitelka, 1974). Although there have been many studies on ciliogenesis, little attention has been paid to the development of basal body-associated structures during ciliogenesis.

When does a cell become a basal body?

In cells that are destined to have only one primary cilium, the mother centriole differentiates into the basal body upon entry into G1 or quiescence. Thus, the basal body in such a cell is derived from the centriole. The basal body differs from the mother centriole in at least 2 aspects.