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What is the basic unit of nervous tissue?

What is the basic unit of nervous tissue?

The basic unit of communication in the nervous system is the nerve cell (neuron). Each nerve cell consists of the cell body, which includes the nucleus, a major branching fiber (axon) and numerous smaller branching fibers (dendrites).

What is the basic cell of nervous tissue called?

The cells in nervous tissue that generate and conduct impulses are called neurons or nerve cells. These cells have three principal parts: the dendrites, the cell body, and one axon. The main part of the cell, the part that carries on the general functions, is the cell body.

What is another name for the nervous system?

What is another word for nervous system?

central nervous system nerves
nerve system neurology
peripheral nervous system sense organs
sensorium sensory apparatus
systema nervosum

What is the difference between a dendrite and an axon?

1. Dendrites receive electrochemical impulses from other neurons, and carry them inwards and towards the soma, while axons carry the impulses away from the soma. 2. Dendrites are short and heavily branched in appearance, while axons are much longer.

What is the most basic unit of structure and function?

The cell is the fundamental unit of structure and function in living things. All organisms are made up of one or more cells. Cells arise from other cells through cellular division.

What is meaning of CNS?

central nervous system
The brain and spinal cord. Also called central nervous system. Enlarge. Anatomy of the brain, showing the cerebrum, cerebellum, brain stem, and other parts of the brain.

What is the function of the nervous system what is the basic unit of the nervous system?

The nervous system allows organisms to sense, organize, and react to information in the environment. The basic unit of the nervous system is the neuron. Synapses form between the neurons, allowing them to communicate to other neurons or other systems in the body.

What is the fundamental unit of the nervous system what are its functions?

These include nerve cells (or neurons) and glial cells (or glia). Neurons are the basic functional units of the nervous system, and they generate electrical signals called action potentials, which allow them to quickly transmit information over long distances.

Which is the basic unit of nervous tissue?

The basic unit of the structure of the nervous tissue is the neuron, consisting of a nerve cell body and several processes: dendrites, which carry impulses towards the nerve cell body, and axons, which carry impulses away from the cell body. It has three pieces to it:

What makes up the cells of the nervous system?

Nervous tissue consists of two cells: neurons or nerve cells and glial cells, which helps to transmit nerve impulses and also provides nutrients to neurons. Structure of Nervous Tissue It consists of nerve cells or neurons, all composed of an axon.

Where is nervous tissue located in the body?

The nervous tissue is located throughout the body in the peripheral nerves as well as in the central nervous system organs such as the spinal cord and brain.

Which is the basic unit of structure and function in living organisms?

Cells are regarded as the basic unit of structure and function in living organisms. They exercise our body’s basic functionalities. A cluster of these specialized cells together acts to shape a tissue. Plants and animals have tissues distinct from one another. There are four types of tissues in animals namely: