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What is the cost of pollution checking machine?

What is the cost of pollution checking machine?

Delta Equipments The price of 24% Pollution Check Equipment products is between ₹148,000 – ₹170,000 per Piece.

How do you check a diesel car for pollution?

PUC Test Procedure: In the case of diesel vehicles, the accelerator is fully pressed and the readings of pollution levels are observed. This is repeated five times and the average constitutes the final reading. For petrol vehicles, the car is kept idling without pressing the accelerator.

Which PUC machine is best?

Manufacture Name PUC Machine Type Machine Model Name
I3SYS Opacity Meter(Diesel) ECM1601
I3SYS Multi Gas Analyzer(Petrol/CNG/LPG) EPM1601
I3SYS Multi Gas Analyzer(Petrol/CNG/LPG) EPM1602
I3SYS Multi Gas Analyzer(Petrol/CNG/LPG) ECM1601

What is lambda in PUC?

Delhi government should implement lambda as part of the PUC programme from October 1, 2006. Lambda test should be enforced along with two-speed idle tests for emissions. Currently, emissions of CO and HC are tested at low idle speed and lambda at high idle speed. CO emissions should also be tested on high idle speed.

Is PUC required for CNG car?

According to Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989, every motor vehicle (including those conforming to BS-I/ BS-II/ BS-III/BS-IV as well as vehicles plying on CNG/LPG) is required to carry a valid PUC Certificate after the expiry of period of one year from the date of its first registration.

What is smoke meter?

Smoke meters, also referred to as opacity meters, detect and measure the amount of light blocked in smoke emitted by diesel engines from cars, trucks, ships, buses, motorcycles, locomotives and large stacks from industrial operations. US EPA has established Heavy Duty Diesel Test Standards.

What is PUC mining?

1) PUC: Pollution Under Control.

What is PUC examination?

The Pre-University Course or Pre-Degree Course (PUC or PDC) is an Intermediate Course (which is known as 10+2) of two years’ duration, refers to Class 11th and Class 12th and called as 1st PUC and 2nd PUC respectively in the PU Colleges or Junior Colleges and are conducted by state education institutions or boards in …

How do you pass Eco test?

Testing Tips

  1. Clean or replace air filter & fuel filter.
  2. Inspect and clean or replace spark plugs & wires.
  3. Adjust air-fuel ratio.
  4. Inspect and adjust the choke.
  5. Check EGR valve and the Lambda sensor for proper installation and functional operation.

How do you pass a pollution test?

Tips to prepare your two-wheeler for passing an emission test:

  1. Warm up your two-wheeler’s engine: A warm engine tends to run cleaner than a cold engine and burns a greater number of hydrocarbons.
  2. Pour a special fuel additive: Higher percentage of carbon emission can cause your vehicle to fail the test.

Can PUC be done online?

Application Process The government-affiliated PUC centres and RTOs are the only bodies that can provide a valid PUC certificate online.