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What is the definition of the word finalist?

What is the definition of the word finalist?

: a contestant in a competition finals.

Does finalist mean winner?

As nouns the difference between finalist and winner is that finalist is somebody or something that appears in the final stage of a competition while winner is one who has won or often wins.

What is a finalist in a competition?

A finalist is a competitor who reaches the final game, match, or tournament. If your favorite sports team wins in the semi-finals, it means they’re a finalist in the last game.

What is runner up prize?

: a person or team that does not win first place in a competition but that does well enough to get a prize especially : a person or team that finishes in second place.

What is a synonym for finalist?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for finalist. champ, champion, placer.

What is another word for finalist?

finalist | definition: a contestant who reaches the final stages of a competition | synonyms: competition, challenger, contender, rival, competitor| antonyms: friend, cooperation

What does finalists mean?

Word forms: plural finalists. countable noun. A finalist is someone who reaches the last stages of a competition or tournament by doing well or winning in its earlier stages.

What does being a finalist in a contest mean?

If your design has been selected as a finalist, it means that your client is impressed by your work and wants you to compete with a limited number of other designers in the final round of their contest. Clients can select up to 6 finalists and will give each designer some final feedback on their work. As a finalist, you can refine your work and upload new designs to the contest.

What is the plural of finalist?

finalist (plural finalists) Somebody or something that appears in the final stage of a competition. A university student in his/her final year of study.