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What is the external conflict of the Treasure of Lemon Brown?

What is the external conflict of the Treasure of Lemon Brown?

è There was an external conflict between Greg and his father. Because of Greg’s grade, Greg and his father fought, which made Greg getting out the house.

What is the internal conflict in lemon brown?

The internal conflict that Greg is battling is his want to play basketball but not able to because of his poor grades.

What internal conflict is Greg thinking about when it starts to rain?

The man vs. Nature conflict is Greg having to avoid the rain. 4. Greg’s internal conflict was the struggle to understand his father.

Which of the following is an example of internal conflict in the Treasure of Lemon Brown?

The Treasure of Lemon Brown Test Review

Question Answer
Which statements is an example of internal conflict? Greg pushed the button over the bell marked “Ridley,” thought of the lecture he knew his father would give him, and smiled.

What internal conflict does Greg have when it starts to rain the Treasure of Lemon Brown?

Internal Conflict: Greg wants to play basketball but his grades in math aren’t good. Greg’s dad’s Treasure is Greg. Greg’s dad cares about Greg because he cares about his dad and wants him to get a good education because he never got one.

What are internal ConfL ICTs in the treasure of lemon brown?

internal confl icts—struggles within a character’s heart or mind, such as fi ghting shyness. In “The Treasure of Lemon Brown,” the main character has many confl icts, both external and internal. As you read the story, pay attention to how one character describes music called the “blues.”

What happens at the end of the treasure of lemon brown?

With Lemon Brown when he think that Lemon’s treasure was not worth fighting for. Change: When Greg think about it, he realizes Lemon was right. He finally apreciates what his father are doing to him

What does Greg say in the treasure of lemon brown?

That every man has something or someone to cherish. What does Greg’s encounter with Lemon, reveal to him about his own treasures? That he also has treasures to cherish. Lemon Brown says “If you know your pappy did something, you know you can do something too”.

Why does GEG not play basketball in the treasure of lemon brown?

Geg’s father doesnt let him play basketball because of his grades, the thugs breaking into the house with Lemon Brown and greg, and Lemon Brown threatened greg. Nice work! You just studied 4 terms!