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What is the goal of a press release quizlet?

What is the goal of a press release quizlet?

What is a press release? Publicize the good news about a company/product and to control the damage done by any negative news. Meeting in which a business or organization invites media members to hear an announcement about a newsworthy event.

What are the goals of a press?

You want journalists to think of your company as a reliable source for news and information, and to reach out to you for insights when they are writing stories. Press releases are a great way to keep key journalists in the know about the latest news from your company or your people.

What is press release quizlet?

Press Release. an official statement issued to newspapers giving information on a particular matter.

What is a news release quizlet?

Only $47.88/year. What is a news release? a straightforward statement of facts about a newsworthy event primarily for distribution to the news media.

What is the goal of the media?

First, one the most basic purposes of mass media is to inform an audience. When mass media is used in this way, mass media can be an extremely powerful. This is often the first step for advertisers.

What is the goal of media plan?

The fundamental purpose of a media plan is to determine the best way to convey a message to the target audience. A media plan sets out a systematic process that synchronizes all contributing elements in order to achieve this specific goal.

How is a press release used?

Reporters rely on press releases for stories. Concisely written and targeted, press releases draw media attention to newsworthy events. Mainly used by public relations specialists, press releases are written to gain free publicity and contain enough information required to write a compelling news story.

What is a press release in marketing quizlet?

What does the boilerplate of a press release do quizlet?

used to grab the attention of journalists and briefly summarize the news. further explanation, statistics, background, or other details relevant to the news. Boilerplate. generally a short “about” section providing independent background on the issuing company, organization, or individual.

What is the basic purpose of a news release how is a news release different from a media advisory or a fact sheet?

Media alerts/advisories notify reporters in advance about special events and what dignitaries will be attending; fact sheets are summaries of either the characteristics of a new product or an organization or company itself.

What are the benefits of a press release?

There are certainly advantages and disadvantages of press releases. Press releases can provide advantages to a business, including providing some attention grabbing services to the clients that use them. Part of the advantage of a press release is getting a business name out in the public’s eyes.

How do you format a press release?

How to Format a Press Release in 12 Steps. A press release should contain your business logo, a headline, a lead paragraph that summarizes the news you are announcing, and three to four body paragraphs that give more details.

What should a press release include?

Press releases should be at least three paragraphs long, including the opening paragraph, supporting paragraph(s), and a closing paragraph that restates or summarizes your main points. Your opening sentence should be clear and strong.

What is the structure of press release?

Structure of a Press Release. All press releases are structured in the same manner as a standard newspaper article. Information is presented in an inverted pyramid, descending in a logical order, from the most important to the least. It is an anti-climactic method of presenting the facts of a story and the most common approach to news reporting.