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What is the LED equivalent of a 150 watt metal halide?

What is the LED equivalent of a 150 watt metal halide?

LED equivalents to metal halide lighting

Metal Halide Light Bulb Wattage LED Equivalent Wattage
400 Watt 200 Watt
250 Watt 100 Watt
150 Watt 80 Watt
100 Watt 30 Watt

How many lumens is a 175 watt metal halide?

14000 lumens
This Sunlite 175-watt HID metal halide medium base ED17 bulb offers 14000 lumens of light output and has an average rated life of 10000 hours.

Can you replace metal halide bulbs with LED?

LED Offers Long Life, Lower Energy Costs, Instant On and Control Options. A 400 watt metal halide bulb can be replaced with a 200 watt LED. A 100 watt metal halide can be replaced with a 50 watt LED. Implementing an LED replacement program should result in a 50% reduction in annual energy use (kWh) costs.

How many lumens is a metal halide?

The initial lumens for a 400W metal halide lamp is approximately 36,000. This is the amount of light that is produced the first time the lamp is turned on….LED Luminaires – Efficiently Delivering Lumens.

400W Metal Halide 120W HyLite LED Flood Light
Mean Lumens 24,000 lumens 13,000 lumens
Luminaire Efficacy 60% 100%
Fixture Lumens 14,400 lumens 13,000 lumens

How much lumen do I need?

As a handy rule of thumb, a sitting room or bedroom will generally require around 10-20 lumens per square foot, while a bathroom or kitchen will need a stronger level of lighting, at around 70-80 lumens per square foot. To work out the lumens you need, simply multiply the square footage of the room by this figure.

How many lumens is a 250w metal halide?

8,000 lumens
250 watt halides require about 8,000 lumens. This is typically about a 60-80 watt fixture or 80 -100 watt corn bulb.

How many lumens does a 100 watt metal halide bulb put out?

9000 lumen
These 100 watt metal halide bulbs have a bright 9000 lumen output. They are medium base (E26), ED17 bulbs with an average life span of 12, 000 hours. Use in street lights, parking lot fixtures, perimeter lighting, and other commercial and industrial lighting applications.

How many lumens does a 150w HPS put out?

16000 lumens
150 Watt. 150-watt HPS bulbs provide between 13000 and 16000 lumens of light.

How many lumen’s in a 150 watt flood light?

Compare Similar Flood Lights current product Power Type Hardwired Hardwired Hardwired Hardwired Watt Equivalence 150 550 250 175 Included No additional accessories Hardware Included No additional accessories Angle Mount Hardware,Hardware Included Voltage Type Line Voltage Line Voltage Line Voltage Line Voltage

What is 150 watt LED?

LED – PAR38 – 150 Watt Equal. The 150-watt equivalent PAR38 LED light bulbs at are available in flood and narrow-flood models.

What is metal halide?

on 07/10/2018. A Metal halide (MH) lamp is an electrical lamp or bulb that produces light by creating an electric arc, combining a gaseous mixture of vaporized mercury and various metal compounds ( Bromine or Iodine).

What is a metal halide fixture?

Metal halide bulbs are a type of high-intensity discharge gas (HID) electric lamps that are capable of producing light by use of an electric arc that has a mixture of gases (metal halides such as bromine or iodine and mercury). They produce intense white light that is suitable for use in greenhouses,…