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What is the most popular iPhone 2021?

What is the most popular iPhone 2021?

iPhone 12
Tim Cook says iPhone 12 is the most popular iPhone model, but Pro sales also ‘very strong’ During today’s Apple earnings call for fiscal Q2 2021, the company’s CEO revealed that among all iPhone models released in 2020, the iPhone 12 is the most popular.

What is Apple’s most popular phone?

The best-selling touchscreen phones are the Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, both released in 2014. Together, they have sold over 220 million units.

Which is the best phone in iPhone?

Still a good compact iPhone The iPhone 13 mini may be a great compact phone, but for something a little bit cheaper, try the iPhone 12 mini. It may be a year older, but the iPhone 12 mini doesn’t skimp on features.

What is the least sold iPhone?

The 2020 iPhone SE is the cheapest iPhone you can buy at $400, and it’s also one of the smallest. Apple still sells the iPhone 11, and it’s a tempting purchase with its new price tag. It now costs $499, and for that price you’re easily getting the best value for an iPhone.

What is the number 1 phone in the world?

The best phone in the world right now is the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, but if that isn’t for you we’ve got 14 other top picks that may suit you, including the best iPhones and a variety of other Android phones.

Which iPhone is best of all time?

Ranked: Every iPhone in order of greatness

  • 8) iPhone 4 (2010)
  • 7) iPhone 12 Pro Max (2020)
  • 6) iPhone 13 Pro Max (2021)
  • 5) iPhone 13 Pro (2021)
  • 4) iPhone 12 (2020)
  • 3) iPhone X (2017)
  • 2) iPhone (2007)
  • 1) iPhone 5 (2012) And that device is the iPhone 5.

Which iPhone has less problems?

iPhone 12 Models: Best Buy iPhones with fewer Problems Besides experiencing fewer problems on the table test and from user experience, the lineup of iPhone 12 come with long battery life, making them the best choice for users who wish to use their iPhone for a whole day without plugging it in.

What phone is better Android or iPhone?

In case of security, it can be said with authority that iPhone is definitely ahead of Android phones. It may not have a vast difference in respect to security but definitely iPhone is better than Android in this aspect. The reason being, iPhone uses the Apple store to download applications and is far more secure.

What are the most reliable smartphones?

Most reliable smartphone revealed. iPhone beats Samsung, Nokia and Motorola smartphones in FixYa study of reliability. Apple makes the most reliable smartphones on the market, according to research.

What stores sell iPhone?

The Apple Store. You can, of course, purchase an iPhone at any of Apple’s nearly-500 retail stores across the globe. The Apple Store is equipped to sell you an iPhone and activate the phone service that is required to use the iPhone (you can do that at most other stores, too). Plus, you can get lots of great accessories.

What is the most expensive iPhone?

With the iPhone XS Max, Apple not only has the biggest iPhone ever, but now the most expensive iPhone it’s ever sold, with the 512GB tier reaching $1,449.00: iPhone XS Max 64GB – $1,099.00 iPhone XS Max 256GB – $1,249.00 iPhone XS Max 512GB – $1,449.00