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What is the motive for intervention of state in industrial relations?

What is the motive for intervention of state in industrial relations?

It can be conceived as a social and political intervention legitimised by the state with an aim to ensure industrial peace, growth and democracy. (The goals of IR remain relative to context.) IR is shaped by historical events, the balance of power between capital, labour and the state (Jeong 2010).

What is industrial relation in India?

There are three statutes that structure industrial relations in India: The Industrial Disputes Act 1947; The Trade Unions Act 1926; and The Contract Labour (regulation and abolition) Act 1970. The Trade Unions Act sets out the parameters for the registration and organization of a union.

Who are involved in industrial relations?

The major parties to IR are the employees, employee representatives, employers, associations of employers, government and courts and tribunals.

Which department in state regulates industrial relations?

In 2019, the Ministry of Labour and Employment introduced four Bills to consolidate 29 central laws. These Codes regulate: (i) Wages, (ii) Industrial Relations, (iii) Social Security, and (iv) Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions.

What is state intervention?

Economic interventionism, sometimes also called state interventionism, is an economic policy position favouring government intervention in the market process to correct market failures and promote the general welfare of the people.

What do you mean by industrial relations What are the factors which affect industrial relations?

Factors Affecting Industrial Relations – Socio-Ethical and Cultural, Technological Advancement, Market Conditions, Economic Conditions, Political Parties and a Few Others. The term ‘industrial relations’ means the relationship between labour and management which arises through interactive processes.

Who are the contributors to the state and industrial relations?

Contributors include widely renowned professors of labor, commercial and international law, as well as experts from the International Labour Organization and the International Society for Labour and Social Security Law.

What is the role of government in industrial relations?

PROMOTES INDUSTRIAL GROWTH : Government makes a continuous effort to increase the growth of the industry taking into consideration the labor class.

What does industry mean in relation to industrial relations?

“Industry” refers to “any productive activity in which an individual (or a group of individuals) is (are) engaged”.  By “relations” we mean “the relationships that exist within the industry between the employer and his workmen.”. The term ‘industrial relations’ has been variously defined.

What is the role of Industrial Relations in Uganda?

The role of industrial relations in Uganda are very important. The trade unions in Uganda help keep the production of the work uninterrupted.This helps with the moral of the workers and the economy. What is the role of industrial relations in regulating the employment relationship?