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What is the order of mustard sawfly?

What is the order of mustard sawfly?

The mustard sawfly, Athalia lugens (Hymenoptera: Tenthredinidae) is a polyphagous insect and is considered as devastating pest of vegetables in India.

What is the scientific name of mustard aphid?

Lipaphis erysimi (Kaltenbach, 1843)

What plants do sawfly eat?

They have caterpillar like larvae that feed on plants the adults are winged insects that can appear fly-like. There are three common species of sawfly that can be found feeding lon the leaves of gooseberry and some related fruit bushes.

What kind of insect is a sawfly?

Cimbicid sawflies (Cimbicidae) are large, robust insects easily recognized by their club-shaped antennae. The most common North American species is the elm sawfly ( Cimbex americana ), a dark blue insect about 2.5 cm (1 inch) long. The larvae feed on elm and willow. In Europe the larvae of Clavellaria amerinae feed on willow and poplar.

What are the Five Families of sawflies?

The superfamily consists of five families: Argidae, argid sawflies; Pergidae, pergid sawflies; Cimbicidae, cimbicid sawflies; Diprionidae, conifer sawflies; and Tenthredinidae, typical sawflies. Argid sawflies (Argidae) are stout-bodied insects; they number more than 400 species and are distributed worldwide.

What kind of insects are in the Arachnida class?

Class Hexapoda or Insecta – (insects) Class Arachnida – (spiders, ticks, mites, scorpions, and relatives). However, some other arthropod classes like Diplopoda (millipedes) and Chilopoda (centipedes) are often considered by entomologists.

What kind of plants do pergid sawflies eat?

The larvae of many species feed on rose bushes, willow, oak, and birch trees. The preferred food plants of pergid sawflies ( Pergidae), which occur mainly in South America and Australia, are oak, hickory, and eucalyptus. The family consists of a single genus, Acordulecera.